Gavin’s in rough shape after his 2nd dose of the #COVID #vaccine

It’s been a challenging weekend and I haven’t been keeping up with the blog as a result. This will be a super quick update and I’ll do more when I can.

I wanted to let you guys know how Gavin is doing after his second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. He recieved it at 3:30 pm on Friday. He was fine until late last night. When he finally woke me up at 6:30 am, he was in rough shape. So far his symptoms are massive headache, body aches, chills, and a whole lot of exhaustion. He also says that 2/3 of his spine aches, whatever the hell that means.

There’s no nausea or anything like that. I’m grateful for that because vomiting would have only made a bad situation worse.

He hasn’t been constantly miserable though. It seems to come in waves and most of the pain is controlled by Advil every 8 hours. Gavin went to bed super early tonight and is hoping that when he wakes up, he will feels better.

He barely ate anything today but is still drinking water. Lizze called and asked if I would mind if she and her mom dropped off some Gatorade for Gavin. I thought that was really nice and I know Gavin appreciated it.

My only concern was related to all of his health problems and whether or not the side effects would impact them at all. Thankfully at this point, he seems to be doing okay in that regard.

I’m getting ready to call it a night. I’ll sleep a little lighter tonight in case Gavin needs help. I’m really hoping he feels better in the morning. Even after all the misery, he would get the vaccine all over again and he hopes everyone else does as well.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Garrett Livingood

Thank you for sharing. Tbe medical community is being silenced and we aren’t even supposed to ask about the vaccine. We need more voices sharing the dangers of vaccines, especially ones that have not had a true double blind study.
I hope your son does well. Pay attention to his vital organs over the next couple months. (I’m not a doc).


Having aches and pains from a vaccine shot in no way points to the dangers of vaccines. And this vaccine did have double blind studies. Google is your friend.