Making Learning More Fun And Less Stressful

There’s no doubt that trying to teach your kids and promote and champion learning at home can be a rollercoaster ride. Many of us have taken on the responsibility of educating our kids through distance learning and homeschooling in the last year. It’s tough at times but it can also be hugely rewarding. If you’re looking for tips to make learning more fun and less stressful, you’ve come to the right place!

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Set realistic targets

At the start of the pandemic, many of us had ambitions to run a temporary classroom, work, get fit, learn a new language and rustle up homemade feasts all in the space of a few hours. There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious but it’s crucial to be realistic when setting targets. Children struggle to concentrate for long periods, it can be virtually impossible to juggle homeschooling and work, and at the end of a busy day, you might just want to curl up on the couch rather than take a Spanish class or bake a banana loaf. Don’t panic if your classes only last 20 minutes or you don’t make it through an entire textbook in a week. Go at a pace that suits your child, and encourage them to work as hard as possible without putting pressure on them or yourself as their temporary tutor. 

Make use of resources

There is a vast supply of resources available for children of all ages across a huge range of subjects and topics. From books and guides to online courses, classes and print-outs, there are all kinds of materials you can use to make classes fun, engaging and accessible. Visual resources are often more effective for learning, especially if children find it difficult to concentrate for long periods or retain information. Images, video clips and graphs can make information more digestible and easier to remember. It’s also a great idea to explore resources such as books for dyslexia or activities for children with autism that could make life easier for your child. You can also get ideas and recommendations from other parents or teachers online and read reviews before you buy. 

Vary your class content and structure

Sitting in the same chair, reading the same books and learning about the same topics for long periods can get boring. To make classes more fun and enjoyable, why not vary activities, switch up the subject matter and consider exploring new environments? If you’re learning about animals or trees, for example, you could plan a nature walk. If you’re talking about history, you could create a role-play scenario. For geography, you could use globes or maps to discover different countries and learn about flags and new languages. Adding an element of play and getting out into the fresh air can help to boost concentration levels, enhance learning and ensure that your kids enjoy their day.

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Learning at home can be stressful for children and their parents. If you’re on a mission to help your kids learn and ensure that you both have fun, hopefully, these tips will come in handy.

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