On a side note

Okay. I’ve decided to try and send the boys to school in the morning. The school instituted a mandatory mask mandate last week so everyone will be masked. If they need to come home, they will be sent home.

I don’t know what else to do at this point. There’s no fevers, just drainage which makes them cough.

My day is fairly open so if I need to retrieve them, I can. I’ll drop them off and then go workout. As long as I can squeeze that in, I’ll be off to a good start. ☺

I mentioned I was feeling a bit out of sorts eariler. I’m feeling a good deal better now. I made productive use of my anxious energy this afternoon. I washed and put two coats of wax on the car. I haven’t given it much love since it was repainted and I fixed that today. I’m not gonna lie. I did a half-assed job but I was just looking to get it started and I’ll ceramic wax it before winter.

After that, I went and prepped the back porch and garage door for painting. I might actually get to that this week. It would be nice to be done for the year and move to the inside of the house. I think I’ve decided to replace the carpet on the second floor because Home Depot will literally do all the work for me and I don’t have to move a thing. That makes the decision so much easier. I need to take measurements and get an estimate but I’m pretty sure that’s the direction I’m going in.

On a side note, I have poison ivy in both my lower legs. I must have come into contact while hiking recently. I’ve had it about a week or so and it’s so itchy. It usually last a week or two with me before going away. Hopefully we’ll say our goodbyes this week.

I’m going to focus on improving my marketing this week. I’m going to reach out to some of my more established friends and ask for some help. I’m sure they will and I really need to get more comfortable asking for help. I’m terrible at asking for help but I’m the first in line to help everyone else.

Anyway, I need to do some brainstorming and idea testing over the next few days.

I truly love my job but I need to do is make things a bit more consistent. Once that’s done, I can grow and reap the benefits. I love the flexibility I have because I can pretty much work from anywhere, which frees me up to better be there for the people in my life when they need me most.

I can even record remotely as well, although that’s a last resort kinda thing. Everything else can easily be done from anywhere with an internet connection. The other day I got a ton of work done from the mall parking lot. It made me really happy to be able to help someone and have a quiet space to get some work done. Good stuff.

While I know my job has its downsides at times, I get to be my own boss, set my own hours, be present in the lives of the people I love, and work from literally anywhere. I also get some really amazing opportunities as well. I look forward to being able to take advantage of those opportunities when COVID is over and travel is safe.

For now, I’m going to live in the moment, focus on building a better future for myself and my loved ones, and take full advantage of the time I’m given.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Hey Rob, you may want to take a look at putting down vinyl plank as apposition to carpet. It’s no more money and better for anyone with allergies let alone if something gets spilled. Just did our house and what a difference!