Sometimes I feel like a dick for raising my voice

Sometimes I feel like a dick for raising my voice

Gavin had his IVIG infusion this morning and he did it on his own. This was probably the most successful one that he’s done on his own. The infusion went relatively well and there were no physical hang ups after it was started.

Gavin did get upset while he was putting the needles in place though.

He doesn’t deal with frustration very well and has a tendency to want to quit or get help before he’s really tried. Today was one of those times.

There was an issue with the tape the holds the needles in place getting all bunched up. His first reaction is to panic. Lizze and I were right there but we didn’t rush to his aide because we wanted him to work through it.

All he had to do was get a new piece of tape and our goal was for him to realize that on his own.

I had to raise my voice to him but not for the reasons you might think. Gavin was stuck in a loop of sorts and by raising my voice, it startled him enough that it jumped him out of that loop. He then was able to put new tape on and all was well.

I feel like a dick sometimes because I have to handle him that way but it’s the only way that gets through to him. I don’t yell or belittle him. I simply raise my voice so that he can hear me over himself panicking. That’s all it is.

Once he got his bearings again, he did great.

The goal is for him to be able to perform these tasks successfully, more often than not. We also want him to be able to problem solve as much as possible on his own, before asking for help. We’re always happy to help but we don’t want to become a crutch, of that makes sense.

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