Selfcare is important and I forgot how relaxing this is for me

Selfcare is important and I forgot how relaxing this is for me

It’s been a relatively quiet Saturday night here in The Autism Dad household. We’ve been binge-watching Stargate SG1 on Netflix and slowly working on the house. I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I was hoping to because I’ve been dealing with a bad headache since we went to lunch.

We’re going to spend a good chunk of tomorrow tackling things around the house. There’s a ton of laundry to get caught up on and there’s part of me that wants to haul it all to the laundry mat so I can get it all done at once. It’s a nice idea but it’s never gonna happen. LOL

I’m trying to reorganize my bedroom because it’s driving me crazy. I managed to get my laundry sorted and some things straightened up but I’m still so tired from my COVID booster. It took me about a week to shake this last time and it’s been exactly one week, so hopefully that’s almost done with.

I’ve been laying in bed, trying to motivate myself to get ready for bed but it’s just not happening right now. LOL

Instead, I’m playing Call of Duty Vanguard and chilling under the beautiful blue lights on my ceiling.

It’s been forever since I’ve played COD and I sometimes forget how relaxing it is for me to play. We all have to find the calm in each day and sometimes the calm for me is 12 v 12 team deathmatch. 😉

Whatever your thing is, please take some time to take care of yourself. Selfcare is so important and it’s often forgotten.

What do you folks do to relax or unwind?

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I read fiction and play musical instruments to relax. Also, I bike ride when whether permits. And, my husband and I watch shows together, although we are rewatching CSI and sometimes the episodes end in a pretty jangly way.

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