Behavioral problems we’re dealing with while on vacation

We’re having an amazing time in Florida and for the most part, it’s going really well. There’s so much benefit to having time away from our lives like this, but there’s also a downside as well.

The downside I’m referring to is in regards to Autism related complications. It’s nothing terrible but it does present challenges that we don’t necessarily see at home.

Emmett’s default setting right now is teetering on the brink of overload. There’s so many awesome things going on that he feeling overwhelmed by the entirety of them. It’s not anything that anyone is doing wrong, it’s simply the nature of the beast. We’ve had some very public Meltdowns over things like his food touching and other sensory related things.

When it comes to Gavin, he’s struggling the most. I mean this in the most loving way possible, but it’s like his brain has just shutoff. I know how that sounds but it’s honestly the only way I can describe it.

All the excitement and deviation from his routine has led to decompensation. This is something that happens to Gavin but what we’re seeing is more significant.

He’s struggling in general but cognitively speaking, he’s presenting us with many challenges. He’s sorta more oblivious to his surroundings than normal. While getting into the van, he’s kicked Elliott in the face, knocked over several drinks, broken USB charging cables and unpacked the clothes we packed for him before we left for our trip, meaning we have to by him more clothes again.

None of this is being done on purpose and while I’m personally frustrated with him at times, I’m not angry. Poor Gavin has zero control over most of these things. Yes, he does need to slow down and pay much closer attention to his surroundings, but that’s much easier said than done.

This all comes down to more extreme versions of what we see at home all the time.

It’s important to note, as with the holidays, it’s very positive situations that can lead to this type of behavior in kids on the Autism Spectrum. It’s sometimes assumed that only bad stress leads to behavioral challenges and that’s simply not the case at all.

We’ve taken today off from going to the parks because Elliott isn’t feeling good and the boys need some down time. Truthfully, that’s the only reason I’m even writing. We’re going to walk to get dinner tonight and then check out the fishing pond. This all depends on the weather though. ☺

We’re having a truly amazing experience and grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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