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Creative ways my kids avoid talking during therapy

The boys had an emotional therapy session last night. Gavin didn’t participate outside of briefing us on his rather bizarre missions he’s been going on lately. Frankly, it was weird and kind of uncomfortable to listen to. Elliott and Emmett had some things that were upsetting them. These were things that I couldn’t help with …

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Being a single parent to 3 #Autistic kids is NOT easy but it IS worth it

I’ve spent the day trying to get a million things done and accomplishing very little. When you’re a single parent to 3 kids, life doesn’t leave you much wiggle room. When you’re a single parent to 3 Autistic kids, there’s even less wiggle room. When you’re a single parent to 3 Autistic kids and 2 …

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Becoming a single parent is proving to be very overwhelming

Emmett is home sick again and that throws a wrench into my schedule today. I called the school and apparently, this respiratory thing going around the school, seems to last forever. It certainly feels that way. Elliott got to school without any problems and Gavin is still healthy as he can be. I imagine the …

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I’m so overwhelmed but incredibly grateful as well

It’s been a very challenging day today but we’ve made it through. Emmett was home sick today and I’m not sure he’s going to make it back tomorrow either. In fact, if he doesn’t show improvement, I may need to get him back into his pediatrician. Assuming he has what Elliott had, it may be …

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Hair cuts can be challenging for #Autism families

One of the things we still work on in my Autism family is hair cuts. For the most part, Elliott and Emmett do pretty well. Gavin shaves his head and he’s learning to actually do that himself. He doesn’t use a straight blade but an electric razor. In fact, I actually need to get his …

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It’s an unpleasant Monday but we totally got this

I had a really hard time sleeping last night. Elliott didn’t fall asleep until early this morning and that’s got him dragging. Emmett isn’t feeling good and isn’t wanting to go to school. Even Gavin is wanting to wake up today. Walking looks to be not happening due to weather and so I will likely …

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