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Mental Health Management

Mental health might be a little harder to manage than usual. Especially at the moment with Coronavirus stopping people from doing the things they love. You might manage your mental health by going to work. Perhaps by socializing or seeing loved ones. Everyone is different, but unfortunately Covid has shifted life. Managing one’s mental health …

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My person struggle with #depression

I mentioned yesterday that depression is becoming more of a struggle for me lately. Monday was pretty rough for me but yesterday was a little better. It’s so hard to describe what this is like, especially if you’ve never experienced depression before. I can say that it impacts pretty much every aspect of my life …

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4 Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy

4 Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy There are many jobs that you are going to need to take on as a parent. Some are harder than others, but they all need to combine to help you and your family stay safe, secure, healthy, and happy. It may sound like an impossible job, but the …

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How Lockdown Can Warp Your Sense Of Time

Few people with any social conscience would question the reasoning behind lockdown, when a pandemic that has killed upwards of half a million people worldwide shows no signs of going away. And those of us who understand the importance of not just avoiding infection for ourselves, but also of not passing it on to the …

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#Depression is like an uninvited houseguest

It’s been a emotionally challenging day for me. There are a million reasons for this and to be completely honest, it got the better of me for a little while. I’m overloaded and that tends to feed my uninvited houseguest called depression. I was able to keep my struggle from the kids, which I’m quite …

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5 Ways To Manage Chronic Pain

Pain is an indicator given to you from your central nervous system to let you know that there is something wrong. Pain lets you know that you need to move away from a fire or you might get burnt. Without pain, you would put yourself in harmful situations all of the time.  Most pain goes …

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