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Hopefully this is a step in the right direction

Emmett didn’t make it to school today again, because he’s not feeling well. I’ve been running around this morning but I’ve got a minute to publish an update before I go walking. Elliott got to school on time and without issue. Gavin’s bloodwork was drawn and we are waiting for… Read more »

Yes, I know hate is a strong word

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It’s been a long day and it started super early. I’m talking 4 AM early. Emmett is once again going through a difficult period of time at night and is waking up from really bad nightmares. He runs into our bed and glues himself to me. We have a king… Read more »

Looking After an Elderly Relative Who Has #Autism

This is a collaborative post and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of this blog or its author. There is plenty of good, sound and helpful advice to be found on this blog regarding being a parent of a child that has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, but now it’s… Read more »

Dry air makes it so hard for me to sleep

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I had a rough time sleeping last night. Majority of the problem was related to the air being so dry, it made me really stuffy and that always makes it hard for me to sleep. It’s like a fricking desert. Around 2 AM I ended up downstairs on the couch…. Read more »

As an #Autism parent, why don’t you get a break?

We’ve established that #Autism Parents aren’t getting the breaks they need. The next question is why. Why don’t you get the breaks you need?

Doing right by Gavin for his 18th birthday isn’t as easy as it sounds

Gavin will turn eighteen in a few days. To be honest, that’s a pretty big deal for a number of reasons. The most obvious is that he’s physically made it to eighteen and I say that because of his fragile health. He’s had some close calls over the years and… Read more »

Ruby fell asleep on my lap

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So I’ve found a new subject for my amateur photography hobby. Right now I’m loving taking pictures of Ruby. For one thing, she’s adorable and the other is she’s super cooperative. ☺ The ferrets are impossible to photograph clearly because they never stay still. I need a way better camera… Read more »

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