Is Online Speech Therapy Effective for Kids with Autism?

Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) refers to a wide range of conditions characterized by issues related to non-verbal and speech communication, repetitive behaviors and social skills.

Some individuals with autism may require less support in their daily lives while others with severe challenges may need a significant amount of support and treatment.

SLPs  make use of various speech therapy techniques that allow them to help kids and adults improve communication. These techniques are designed to improve various speech and language disorders like stuttering, cluttering, articulation disorders, receptive disorders, resonance disorders, aphasia, dysarthria and even cognitive-communication disorders.

Speech therapy is an assessment and treatment that allows speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to identify and rectify speech disorders and communication problems.

Using the speech therapy program, SLPs can assess the strengths and challenges of an individual adult or kid. This evaluation helps SLPs to create goals for therapy. These goals could be anything from responding to questions, improving spoken language through muscle strengthening in the mouth, jaw and neck, improving non-verbal communication skills like gestures and signs and learning how to communicate effectively.

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Speech therapy can be provided in various settings like a private clinic, at school, at home or even online these days. Today, one can find many websites that provide speech therapy services. Parents can also find the best speech therapists online who would guide their kids through various strategies to improve communication via video conferencing.

While it has been argued that offline therapy or in-person therapy works best, the availability of online therapy sites for autistic adults and kids does have its benefits.

This allows speech therapists to work closely with the individuals and the family to develop meaningful goals. The family can then reinforce those strategies learned in the therapy program on Zoom and other online video conferencing programs.

Online speech therapy sessions can also allow SLPs to make virtual evaluations effectively as they can manage work from a single location. These evaluations allow them to understand the requirements of each autistic individual, assess their needs and develop functional goals. Speech therapists also can interview parents and caregivers to ensure that they are on the same page to achieve those goals.

Hence, it is a myth that online speech therapy is not as effective as in-person speech therapy. Also, speech therapists offer the same level of personal attention online as in-person speech therapy making it an effective solution. However, the choice ultimately lies with the family and the individual.

With regards to the longevity and the success ratio of speech therapy both offline and online depends on various factors. These factors include the age of the individual, the type and severity of the speech disorder, any underlying medical and health conditions and the frequency of therapy.

It is found that speech therapy when started early and practiced at home can translate into better results. This also includes the intervention of family members and caregivers who work collectively towards improving communication and boosting self-confidence.

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