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I was not in a good place when I wrote this

Disclaimer: This post is meant to provide insight into my state of mind in this very moment. I’m writing this in an attempt to process these feelings and deal with them in a positive way. I’m far from perfect but I get up each morning and do my very best to be what everyone needs …

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A sometimes politically incorrect open letter about #Autism Parenting 

Going into this post, please know that I truly understand that every parent faces challenge and struggle. Parenting isn’t easy and that should go without saying.  When I speak about the unique challenges facing Autism parents, it’s not meant to invalidate the difficulties associated with everyday parenting. At the same time, just as it’s important …

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Saying Good bye to CPS for the 2nd time this year

While we were at Dr.  Patti’s tonight, we learned the nature of the CPS inquiries about Lizze and I.  Basically what happened was someone filed a complaint about me because of a blog post I wrote last month.  I don’t even remember what the whole post was about but it was one that I shared …

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This CPS investigation is really taking its toll

After way too much though and a bout of stress induced indigestion, we have decided what we are going to do with all the appointments we have today.  I don’t know how to express just how stressed out I’ve been over this today because each appointment is important but in the end we simply couldn’t …

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Justice and Truth Prevail: CPS has closed our case

For those of you that missed my post from early this morning, Child Protective Services has officially closed our case.  You may recall that we were the victims of spite call to Child Protective Services.  A spite call is basically when someone knowingly makes a false report, with the specific intent to do harm and …

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Child Protective Services: Round 2

Alright…. I’m not one to sit around and wait.  I prefer to deal with things head on and sorta cut it off at the pass.  When I learned last night that CPS had been calling our kids psychologist, inquiring about Lizze and I, the only thing I could think to do is call CPS directly …

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