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Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)

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10 Ways To Cut Down Costs When Moving Home

Moving house is an expensive activity, just when you think you’ve handed over the money for the new house, all the other expenses start piling on top – all those costs that you’d forgotten about, so how can you cut down your spending at this expensive time? Pick Your Moving Date Carefully Did you know …

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The vacation was amazing but the fallout, not so much

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then you might not know that we recently arrived home safely from our trip to Orlando. I’m working on the podcast and will post the full update about our experience then. I’m hoping to have the podcast ready for this weekend and the post shortly after. Anyway, it’s …

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It’s been a very long week but here’s where we are

The boys and I have had an amazing experience and we’re making our way back home. I’m exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and eating something I cook myself. By the time you read this, we should be well on our way back to Ohio. My understanding is that it’s at …

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Quick update

It’s been a exhausting day and we’re all spent. We need a good night’s sleep before we begin the long trip home. We have a couple more things to do at the hotel before taking off, one of them being the podcast interview. We spent our last night in Florida, volunteering at Give Kids The …

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This trip is exposing my limitations

So I’ve been on vacation with my 3 Autistic kids for a few days and I’ve realized a few things. For starters, my kids are amazing. There’s absolutely zero question about that. I love being with them and I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything in the world. This is proving to be an experience …

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18 hours and 1,000 miles later…

I’m exhausted and can not keep my eyes open much longer but I wanted to drop a quick update. The boys and I have been traveling across the country on a journey from Ohio to Florida. After about 18 hours of driving and roughly 1,000 miles later, we’re in Florida. Everyone is doing okay and …

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