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Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)

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My kids should have fun today and that makes me happy

We have a pretty fun day planned. Emmett has a birthday party to attend and Elliott and Gavin are welcome to attend as well. We’re ready to go as soon as the laundry is done and it will be done in plenty of time. The kids don’t have a visit this weekend because we’re trying …

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It could absolutely be worse

It’s been a difficult year for my family. We lost two beloved family members and have faced some recent changes in our lives that have been very painful. Everyone is coping in their own way and healing in their own time. In Gavin’s case, his condition has been to his advantage. He just accepts whatever …

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When you’re a #specialneeds parent, these things will happen

Today has not gone as planned. I needed to get the kids to school, go walking and be done in time to do an interview for next week’s episode. I was supposed to speak with Annette Hines, author of the best selling book, Butterflies and Second Chances: A Mom’s Memoir of Love and Loss. I …

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New Episode: Joel Manzer (S2E2)

In this week’s episode of The Autism Dad podcast, I speak with my good friend Joel Manzer of Autisable. We talk about his current endeavors to benefit the Autism community, as well as have a discussion about some things that going on in the community that cause tension. We have some opinions. Whatever you do, …

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Despite the heartache, I’m grateful for this one thing

It’s been a long morning so far. Elliott and Emmett weren’t moving very fast today. We did however, make it to school, albeit a little late. Truthfully, they weren’t really late, just later than we aim for. They’re going to hang out with their mom and grandma this afternoon for a couple hours, so I’ll …

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I lost my cool tonight

For the first time in a long time, I’m actually feeling good-ish about myself. Selfcare is a priority again, even if it’s not perfect, I’m doing my best to work with what I got. Today was a pretty decent day. The kids drove me crazy, but that’s par for the course. ☺ Everything actually went …

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