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Father to 3 with Autism and husband to my best friend. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)


I’ve had better days

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I’ve been thinking about how to describe the way I’m feeling and the only thing I can come up with is that I’ve had better days. I know that sounds pretty generic but its all I have at the moment. I’m not in a really good place and I’m struggling… Read more »

I’m so heartbroken tonight

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Lizze and the boys are in bed. I’m with my parents and siblings, sitting with my grandfather. This is fucking awful and it’s so hard to bare witness to someone leaving this life. We sat the boys down and explained what was happening. They were able to visit with him… Read more »

Praying the @clevelandclinic can help my wife

Lizze and I made it to the Cleveland Clinic’s Neurological Center for Pain. We actually made it 10 minutes early and considering traffic, that’s a miracle. Lizze and I have set a goal to find at least some answers but also some relief from her constant, crippling pain. We need… Read more »

Helplessly watching as my wife suffers is absolutely awful

Lizze is in rough shape today. This migraine is relentless and you can see that it’s taking its toll on her. She’s absolutely miserable and there’s nothing I can do to help her. It’s so bad she can’t be touched. There’s not anything I can do but get her to… Read more »

I’m feeling utterly defeated and desperately needing to catch a break

I’m feeling incredibly defeated today and there’s a number of legitimate reasons for that. It’s important to put things into context so here’s a but of background. Life is tough for my family on a good day. Including myself, there are five people in my immediate family, and four have… Read more »

We’re losing my Grandfather

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I got up this morning and headed to my parents house to sit with my grandpa. It sucks watching someone slowly pass away but if I have to find a silver lining, it would be that I’m reconnecting with cousins I’ve not seen in a very long time. As awful… Read more »