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Father to 3 with Autism and husband to my best friend. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)


It’s total chaos this morning

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Today has turned into chaos. I had everything planned out, and we were going to be dropping the boys off at Lizze’s parents before high tailing it to the Cleveland Clinic for Gavin’s long afternoon of testing. Unfortunately, Lizze woke up super early this morning and was in excruciating pain…. Read more »

Gavin has major testing today at the @ClevelandClinic

Today is a massive day for us. Gavin will be spending the day at the Cleveland Clinic for one of the most critical appointments he’s had in a very long time. Gavin will be undergoing another round of neuropsych testing. It’s been many, many years since he went through this… Read more »

My 19-year-old #Autistic son has a touching moment with my grandmother

Gavin is my 19-year-old Autistic son. While he’s 19 years old on the outside, he’s about 5 or 6 years old on the inside. This presents many challenges for him, many I talk about on this blog. One of the significant challenges for Gavin is pretty much anything to do… Read more »

Review: The Nixplay Iris Cloud Frame does a fantastic job of showcasing all your digital photos

At the time of writing this review, Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and one of the coolest things you can give a Dad in this digital age is a digital picture frame. I’ve been a Dad for almost twenty years, and memories are something that I cherish. In my opinion,… Read more »

This is a f*cking nightmare every week

It’s Sunday, and we still have not been able to get Gavin’s Clozapine refill. He has his bloodwork done every Wednesday morning, but the pharmacy either doesn’t check for the labs, or they aren’t sent to them in the first place. We end up waiting and waiting for the refill… Read more »

I’m fighting #Depression tonight

We had a pretty good day. I didn’t make it to the park to go walking, but it’s okay because I needed to rest instead. I use Biostrap to track my vitals, and it tracks tons of valuable information. It also lets you know when you’ve recovered from the previous… Read more »

I was completely unprepared my #Autistic son’s heartbreaking emotional reaction

One of the biggest challenges my wife and I have faced as Autism parents is something that thankfully, doesn’t present itself very often. When it does, however, it’s very difficult to navigate. That challenge has to do with the death of a family member. Thankfully, that doesn’t occur very often,… Read more »