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What Are the Benefits of Natural Dental Care?

Natural elements can help you with the long-term damage of using topical items. When it comes to dental care, the mouth may be sensitive to specific ingredients. Natural oral care can provide a better alternative with components that don’t cause adverse effects. Here are some benefits of using natural dental care.  It Doesn’t Include Nasty …

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Why I’m taking my youngest back to physical therapy

We’re bringing back an old family favorite this week in the form of physical therapy. Emmett will be making his return to PT on Wednesday. He goes for his evaluation on Wednesday and hopefully, he’ll be approved for at least a few months. Emmett used to be very tiny and was in PT to help …

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Two out of three ain’t bad

Our afternoon was spent hiking in the woods. While I was successful in getting Elliott to join us, Gavin wanted nothing to do with it. It ended up being Elliott, Emmett, and me. We had a really good time. Emmett’s new boots kept him from hurting himself, which is a good thing. It’s was stunning …

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It’s a self-care kinda day and here’s what I have planned

It’s been a relatively quiet day so far. It’s beautiful outside and the kids have been working on the house while I’ve been working on…… I still have 3 seasons to remaster and re-upload. It sucks and it’s time consuming but otherwise pretty easy. Anyway, the boys have been a great job with minimal fighting. …

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Selfcare is important and I forgot how relaxing this is for me

It’s been a relatively quiet Saturday night here in The Autism Dad household. We’ve been binge watching Stargate SG1 on Netflix and slowly working on the house. I didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I was hoping to because I’ve been dealing with a bad headache since we went to lunch. We’re going to …

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My kids had an exciting new experience today

As I’m beginning to live my best life, I’m finding myself exposed to lots of new and exciting things. I feel like I’ve lived a relatively sheltered life because I’m experiencing so many new things for the first time, and I’m in my early forties. One of the things I’m deliberately experiencing is food from …

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