Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Gift Guide 2020

Welcome to my gift guide for Christmas/Holiday 2020. Below is my slowly evolving list of recommendations for your Christmas/Holiday shopping list this year. These items are from multiple categories and not only make great gifts but can also improve the lives of autism or special needs families like mine. My family has used everything in …

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What’s the deal with Mightier? Frequently Asked Questions


Many of you are asking questions about Mightier and expressing interest in learning more, but you have questions. I wanted to create a FAQ or frequently asked questions post because the messages are scattered across my social media. Before we get into the questions, I wanted to give a brief explanation of what Mightier is …

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Is Separation Anxiety a Thing?

ethnic girl trying delicious grapes in garden

The short answer is yes. Separation anxiety exists, not just with children and babies, but with animals and adults – it’s how you deal with it that’s key. It’s a fact that separation anxiety and fear of strangers is common in young children between the ages of 6 months and three years, but it’s a …

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Update on Gavin’s fever

I know I promised this yesterday but life has been absolutely crazy. I’m having to swim a bit harder to keep my head above water. So, I apologize for the delay. I shared the other night that Gavin was running a low grade fever, at least what a low grade fever is for him. He’s …

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So Gavin started running a low grade fever tonight

It’s been a really challenging day for about a million reasons. I was going to touch on some of those reasons but yet another issue has made itself known and this is going to be the priority until I know otherwise. Gavin is running what is a low grade fever for him. He’s very much …

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I introduced my kids to ping pong to this week

The other day I received a package from Pro-Spin Sports. Inside the box I found a Play Anywhere Portable Table Tennis Set (2-Player) set. Basically, it turns most tables into a playable ping pong table. We’ve never had a ping pong set in my house before and I wasn’t entirely sure how this was going …

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Here’s what happened this past week

It’s been a couple of days and the truth is, I’m just overwhelmed right now. The kids are a handful lately and after almost 270 days of our avoiding COVID journey, I think that is to be expected. Just because it’s expected or understandable, doesn’t mean it’s easy. We had a relatively quiet Thanksgiving and …

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