Does your child with #Autism still believe in Santa Claus? 

We all know that Santa Claus is a huge part of celebrating Christmas and believing in him is part of the magic. There are many things that can impact the way our kids with Autism perceive the world and that got me thinking. 

I’m wondering if your child with Autism still believes in the magic of Santa Claus? 

Our three boys on the Autism Spectrum are hardcore believers, especially our oldest who’s almost 17 years old.… Read More

I wish we had the energy to do more. Can anyone relate to this story? 

Lizze and I have had a large part of the day to ourselves.  The boys are at her parents house and won’t be home until Sunday afternoon. We spent the afternoon relaxing before running some errands and having a nice quiet dinner at home. 

I want to get to a point where we have the energy to actually do something fun when the boys aren’t home. 

When the boys leave, Lizze and I tend to go to sleep because we’re so exhausted.… Read More