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I hate feeling powerless

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It’s now 1:47 AM and Emmett has just now fallen asleep. We’ve been trying to help him for hours upon hours. He has a really bad tummy ache and feels like he’s going to puke. This is stressful for any kid but it’s especially so with a kid like Emmett…. Read more »

#Autism Parenting: Picking the BEST of the WORST options

We have therapy for the boys tonight but Lizze isn’t feeling well and she will probably stay behind. It will likely be the boys and I heading out tonight. Tonight’s focus is going to be on school for Elliott and Emmett. We have to figure something out because while the… Read more »

As an #Autism parent, why don’t you get a break?

We’ve established that #Autism Parents aren’t getting the breaks they need. The next question is why. Why don’t you get the breaks you need?

The only thing that could make it worse

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It was rougher night last night because Emmett woke up about 2 AM and was unable to go back to sleep. If at all possible, I don’t like to go to sleep while one or more of the kids are awake, especially in the middle of the night. I’ve been… Read more »

How often does your kid with #Autism get hurt?

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One of the big challenges we face with Gavin is his complete, total lack of self awareness. He’s also oblivious to his surroundings as well. Both of these challenges are very difficult to work with and often lead to problems like what we had this afternoon. Gavin never seems to… Read more »

It’s not easy raising a #Schizophrenic teenager with #Autism

We had to temporarily restrict access to the kids Nerf guns as a result of them getting to carried away. They had been shooting each other in the face and that broke a major safety rule. Gavin just came downstairs and asked if he could have his Nerf gun back… Read more »

The kids are bouncing off the wall

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OMG… The boys are all over the place. Gavin on the other hand, it’s relatively calm and very much focused in his everyday routine. It takes quite a bit for Gavin to lose focus on his routine. Everyone is extremely excited about Christmas and it shows. lol At the moment,… Read more »

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