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Gavin had a massive emotional breakdown last night

Gavin had a complete emotional breakdown while at therapy last night, it came out of nowhere and it a big one. He was playing basketball with Emmett and while he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he also wasn’t recognizing that he was playing with someone half his size. I pulled him… Read more »

It’s so hard to feed my kids with #Autism

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We’re having a really hard time finding food that Emmett will eat, especially while at school. He’s never eaten the school lunches because he’s incredibly sensory oriented. It just won’t ever happen and that’s okay. The problem is that’s it’s become increasingly more difficult to find things we can pack… Read more »

He lacks commonsense and that’s why this happened

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Gavin had a very rough morning. He was struggling and that was even more apparent when it came to his IVIG infusion. I’m not sure where his head was at but we had problems. Maybe he was distracted, preoccupied with thinking about one of his games or perhaps he had… Read more »

My #Autism Parenting plate is extra full today

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The boys came home and have been an absolute handful ever since. It’s nice to have them home but when they’re in a place like they’re currently in, it sorta undoes the break because they requires twice as much time, patience and energy as they normally do. 😔 Between the… Read more »

What’s more challenging than a child with #Autism?

One of the few things more challenging than raising kids with Autism is raising kids with Autism while they’re sick. Last night Elliott spiked a fever of almost 104 °F and Emmett began coughing and hacking. Elliott’s home from school for the second day and Emmett’s now home as well…. Read more »

We’re seeing a significant increase in #Meltdowns

There’s so much going on in my life and it’s becoming more and more difficult to write about it because it’s exhausting. I keep thinking about doing more vlogger type things but I don’t know. Anyway, Elliott’s going through a very, very, very difficult time. The teenage years aren’t easy… Read more »

I was so frustrated I could scream (this is a very sensitive topic)

It’s been an insanely frustrating day. Very little went as planned. Some went okay and a small amount has been an absolute disaster. The internet was a nightmare because two rounds of brand new equipment was faulty. I now have to wait until Wednesday to get a tech out here… Read more »

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