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I’m frustrated, heartbroken and unable to sleep

Life has been getting in the way of writing lately and that’s frustrating. This is a major outlet for me and when it’s impeded, I tend to struggle a bit more. My intention with this post is to play catch-up. I think the last time I wrote anything significant was… Read more »

There was blood everywhere and it looked like a crime scene

This morning has been a fucking nightmare. All I needed to do was get everyone to the doctors. We were all going to the same place. I was mentally prepared for the challenges associated with that because most of them are predictable.. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. We’re trying… Read more »

Emmett’s test results came back and their very frustrating

About mid-afternoon, right before I picked Elliott up from school, Emmett’s doctor called. I had left a message because we were notified that Emmett’s results came back but the page that was supposed to contain the results was blank. Apparently, it was a glitch in the MyChart app. Either way,… Read more »

Poor Emmett didn’t make it through the day

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After waiting in the school parking lot for an hour, I went in to check on Emmett. He was in martial arts at the time and we went down to check on him. He was practicing with weapons for the upcoming tournament, which he’s incredibly excited about. I could see… Read more »

It’s killing me to see Emmett like this

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Lizze and I have been bombarded with challenges this morning. Right now, I’m going to focus on the Emmett related ones. Emmett woke up not feeling well again, and struggling to get off to school. We’re trying to find a balance between getting him to school and keeping him home… Read more »

I took my 3 #Autistic kids to the dentist today and this was the result

We’re finally home from our out-of-town trip to the dentist. I ended up having to take the boys on my own. Lizze was ready to go with us but it was obvious that she was really, really pushing herself. As much as I needed her help and as much as… Read more »

I’m taking my 3 #Autistic kids to the dentist this morning

Later this morning, I’ll be taking all 3 boys to the dentist. If that weren’t challenging enough, I may be doing this alone. Lizze was sick for most of the day yesterday and I’m not sure how she’s doing today. I know she wants to go but there’s only so… Read more »

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