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I definitely didn’t see this coming but here we are

Just when I thought things were with school were going well, the bottom drops out and I’m scrambling to to figure this out.

The only advice I have for parents dealing with loss

I’m having a hard time getting motivated today. The boys and I have been working on Minecraft together, and that was fun. I haven’t got much else done though. As I’m writing this, it occurred to me that part of the issue is that every day, about this time, I was visiting my grandmother at …

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Don’t let Monday defeat you

Just a quick note before I get my day underway. I hope you all have a great Monday. I know that Monday’s can be rough, Lord knows mine usually are. Try to focus on the positives and also remember to celebrate the victories. Please be kind yourself and remember that self-care is an important part …

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A Gentle Reminder: Don’t forget to focus on you

Gavin’s struggles continue to increase, as do my constant levels of stress and anxiety. While it’s not Gavin’s fault, the constants associated with managing his behaviors is quite taxing, and considering I’m only human, it’s essential I manage this stress the best I can. The reality is, being an Autism parent is among the toughest …

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How I deal with bad days like today

One of the things Autism parents have to frequently deal with is bad days. Good lord, I have plenty of those and I’m sure many of you can relate to that as well. If you can’t, please share your secrets to life because I could definitely use them. 😉 While I won’t go into my …

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Christmas can be rough for those like me with #Depression but I’m feeling pretty okay

When I originally started writing this post, it was just a basic update. As I was writing, it evolved a bit and will now serve a dual purpose. While this is still an update, I also wanted to share a bit about my Depression because it helps to remind or make people aware that Christmas …

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As parents we have to be able to adapt to change in order for our kids with #Autism to do the same

Today is just another day in the long, storied tradition of our plans never working out. Last night, Lizze popped her right shoulder out of socket while she was sleeping. This happens every so often and anyone with even a more moderate case of Ehlers-Danlos can likely relate to joint slipping out of socket. It’s …

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Even on the truly awful days, it’s important to find the positive

I feel that it’s important to be honest and transparent about where I’m at because it helps with context. It also shows how life can make the already difficult job of being an Autism/Special Needs Parent, way more difficult.