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Divorce: I’ve come to a profound realization and I need to own up to something

“……….I know not everyone will agree with me on this but it’s my truth and I simply ask that you respect that.. This wasn’t easy to talk about………”

Divorce: I need to put better boundaries in place and here’s why

“……I don’t know if this is just selfish of me and I just need to suck it up or if I have a right to expect that my house be off limits, at least until I’m in a better place? ……”

The boys have an overnight visit with their Mom tonight

The boys will be leaving for their Mom’s in a little bit.. I still have mixed feelings but here’s how I’m choosing to look at everything..

Divorce: There are still some things I really struggle with :(

In many ways I’ve gotten used to being a single parent but there are some things I still very much struggle with…. 😦

Kinda bummed tonight :'(

This journey I’m on can be full of surprises but not all of them are good ones…

Divorce: Why is moving on so hard?

The emotions I cycle through in regards to the collapse of my marriage are very difficult for me to process. I’m trying so hard to move on but maybe that’s part of the problem… Here’s my confession

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