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The boys have dinner with their Mom tonight 

The boys will be visiting their Mom tonight for dinner and I’ll be doing this


It was a rough transition for the boys tonight

The boys had a rough time transitioning from their Mom’s house tonight. Here’s what happened and how it was handled.


The boys will be home soon and this is what I’d like to do when they arrive

When the boys arrive home, I have some plans to help ease the transition and bring about a pleasant evening


The boys visit their Mom today and getting them ready has been a nightmare 

It’s heartbreaking to see this because he’s so frustrated with himself for not being able to find anything that’s comfortable.


The boys had a pretty good visit with their Mom

At the risk of jinxing myself, I have some good news to share


Today’s Victory: Wanna know why I’m so proud of Gavin tonight? Of course you do…

For some reason, today infusion was taking forever and a day. It took so long that it was still going when their Grandma arrived


The boys are off to their Mom’s for the afternoon

This will be the first day of the new schedule and I’m going to plan on extra fallout tonight because I’m realistic but


Today brings a significant change to the boys visitation with their Mom

The reason there was hesitation about this wasn’t anything personal at all, it’s simply because the kid do not do well with change. This will throw off their schedule they’ve gotten used to over the last year and a half.