The boys will be home soon and this is what I’d like to do when they arrive

The boys will be home any time now and there are some things I’d like to get done after they get here.  I’ve slept pretty much all day and so I’m built up my energy reserves.

I’d like to take the boys for a hike, assuming that Emmett’s feet are once again compatible with shoes and socks.… Read More

Did all the boys make it to their Mom’s house today? 

The boys have had a really rough day and frankly, so have I.  My kids really had me at the end of my rope today and while I love them more than life itself, I desperately need the break today.  

Anyway, while there was some concern about Emmett not being able to make it as result of his struggles today, all three of the boys made it.… Read More

The boys visit their Mom today and getting them ready has been a nightmare 

My boys don’t have school today. Some teacher in service nonsense… lol Actually, these teachers are amazing and deserve whatever break they get.  

Since there’s no school, the boys will be leaving early to go to their Grandparents house, where the visits take place.… Read More

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