Here’s what happened at the boys immunologist appointment yesterday

I was so distracted by the events of yesterday that I failed to share how the actual appointment went for both Elliott and Gavin. 

The good news is that both boys are doing really well. 

Elliott was there for a food allergy and asthma follow up. His asthma is very much under control and he did quite well in his peak flow testing. There’s not really much to be done with his food allergy because we avoid almonds all together and so there really isn’t any point in blood work. 

Elliott was so anxious that our Doctor simply said that when he’s ready to find out if he’s still allergic to almonds, we can do blood work.… Read More

I take Gavin see his psychiatrist this morning 

The week will begin with a trip to see Gavin’s psychiatrist this morning.

There isn’t too much to report, which is a positive thing. Frankly, Gavin’s doing really, really well. There is however, an issue with a difficult side effect to the medication Clozapine he’s on. 

He’s having continued bladder problems and a constant, driving need to use the bathroom. It’s very painful and definitely interferes with his day to day life. 

I don’t know if there is anything we can do about this but I really want to provide him with at least some relief.… Read More