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Bad news about Gavin and the tough decisions ahead 

Share10 Tweet3 Share +1 PinShares 13We met with Dr. Pattie tonight, for Tuesday night family therapy. I’m trying to help you out by specifically mentioning Tuesday because if you’re anything… Read more »


We have a very serious decision to make

Pin2 +12 Share Tweet ShareShares 4I heard back from Gavin’s psychiatrist today and we have a very, very difficult decision to make, in regards to Gavin’s current psychotic break.  Dr…. Read more »


Here’s what caused the Clozapine crisis and how it was resolved

REM’s needs to get their shit together because this could have been an absolute disaster.


Clozapine Crisis: A significant problem has come to light

“…….I went to pick up his refill today and it wouldn’t go through. Then I heard the dreaded words, there’s a problem Mr. Gorski…..” Read More


GOOD NEWS: I managed to avoid another Clozapine crisis

GOOD NEWS: I managed to avoid another Clozapine crisis


BAD NEWS: Gavin’s still seeing and hearing things that aren’t real :(

+110 Share Share Tweet PinShares 10First of all, I’m sorry for the less than frequent updates over the last few days. With school starting and a few other things going… Read more »


Gavin’s blood pressure was really high for him today

Share7 Tweet +1 Share PinShares 7Before every appointment at his psychiatrist’s office, Gavin has his vitals taken. This allows for the detection of any significant medication related changes to be… Read more »


I take Gavin see his psychiatrist this morning 

+16 Share Share Tweet PinShares 6The week will begin with a trip to see Gavin’s psychiatrist this morning. There isn’t too much to report, which is a positive thing. Frankly,… Read more »