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Started out rough but ended up awesome

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“…….. This poor kid has nightmares almost every night, ranging from a black hole appearing in our house and sucking everyone but him and Elliott into it, all the way to being eaten alive by a wolf and not being able to wake up……” Read More

Gavin’s going to miss physical therapy today

“………There’s no practical way to do both and I had to make a decision…..” Read More

I’m on pins and needles waiting to pick the boys up from school

“…. I’ll know the moment I see his face and that moment will determine the course the rest of the day takes….” Read More

Doing the right thing feels awful sometimes

The truth is, I’m struggling with this right now because all I want to do is snuggle him and rescue him from everything that’s causing him distress

Emmett’s sleep problems are getting worse

I seems like I make progress with Emmett and his sleeping challenges, only to cycle back to around with the slightest disturbance in his life.

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