I’ve spent a large part of today trying to help my raging 7 year old with #Autism O_o

Emmett's in a mood today. By mood I mean a very volatile, disagreeable and angry place. He's been raging on and off all day. 😖 You know, I've tried to find his triggers and I have no idea what's setting him off. He's not dealing with stressful situations well and if even the slightest thing goes wrong, he freaks out.  Typically, he has a much higher threshold for these types of things but as of late, not so much. Emmett is usually very reasonable and able to cope pretty well. Lately, I've been seeing a shift in his behavior and its concerning me. I've personally been screamed at half a dozen times today and frankly, I'm not enjoying being on the receiving end of his unusual rages. The only way…


This #Autism Dad needs his beauty sleep

It was a really rough night for sleep. Emmett climbed into my bed at some point again and from there, proceeded to take it completely over. lol He can't just stick to one side of the bed, he ends up laying across the bed or wrapped around me. He still struggles at night since his Mom left but we are making progress.  Anyway, I was up by 8am and I'm sorta dragging right now.  😴 I had a healthy breakfast and I plan on walking today but not until after Gavin's appointment this morning.  Hope everyone is having a great morning.. 😀   

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Art By Emmett: #Minecraft

i wanted to share this picture that Emmett, my youngest of three with Autism, drew for me. 😀 As with most kids, Emmett is very much into Minecraft and loves drawing pictures that reflect his interests. He just decided to draw this for me as a surprise and I just love it.. ❤️ As always, please feel free to leave your positive feedback below.