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The boys visit with their Mom was a disaster but it’s not anyone’s fault

I’m so tired and I’ve really got my hands full now. We’re off to Urgent Care and here’s why…..

Please keep Emmett in your thoughts because he’s really not feeling well

Hey folks, if you could please send some positive vibes Emmett’s direction, that’d be great. He’s miserable and having a really had time sleeping…

I did my best for Emmett tonight

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I did my best for Emmett tonight because A) I love him to pieces and B) he was both sick and sad…. Here’s how it went…..

Emmett won’t be going to see his Mom this weekend

Just because you don’t like or agree with your child’s other parent, doesn’t mean you still can’t work together to benefit your kids. Here’s an example of doing just that.

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“……. Sleep issues for kids with Autism are a very real problem in which there is no simple solution. What works for neurotypical kids won’t necessarily work for kids on the Autism Spectrum…..” Read More

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