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Special Needs Parenting Challenges: Is it a fever flare or illness?

Emmett’s fever cycles seem to be back with a vengeance.. This is so hard to manage because there’s literally nothing I can do and he can’t go to school or therapies… Here’s what’s going on, as well as a brief history of pictured from over the years, documenting the symptoms…

KISS MY DAY GOODBYE: Fever strikes again

These fever flares are killing me but I’m thankful Emmett doesn’t appear to be miserable.

We have a really long day and Emmett went to bed with a fever…..AGAIN

This whole Emmett running fevers again is not good.. 😦

Emmett just lost his second tooth :)

Emmett came home from school this afternoon and had a really loose tooth. He had shown me before school but he must have been playing with it all day because it was just barely hanging on. Shortly before dinner, he wiggled it clean out. He was so excited because it was sore and made it …

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I don’t know if Emmett will even be going to school today

“……… I’m not feeling super optimistic about this, especially because it’s a Monday…..”

I’m holding my breath and bracing for a significant change to Emmett’s routine this week

All you have to say is “routine change” and an Autism parent will quiver in fear. Routine change is like a four letter word in this community and I’m bracing for a major routine change in Emmett’s life this week…..