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Emmett’s SSI interview went really well

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After walking this morning, I had Emmett’s SSI interview. It took about 45 minutes and was relatively easy. Now comes the part where they are collecting medical records, of which there are many.  I was told to expect a 3 to 6 month wait to find out whether or not… Read more »

So much for my break :(

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The boys have visitation with their Mom tonight and that means I get the next 24 hours off.  Unfortunately, while I was in my room writing this afternoon, Emmett walked and told me he doesn’t want to go.  I don’t think Emmett has ever not wanted to go to see… Read more »

Emmett did some new things in Physical Therapy this week   ***Check out the pics***

I wanted to try to get caught up on back posts and thought this would be a fun one.  One of my favorite things to do during the week is take Emmett to physical therapy. Not only is his therapist really awesome but Emmett responds to her very well. He… Read more »

Art by Emmett: Sadness

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I wanted to share Emmett’s little coloring page he did the other day. He loves Inside Out colored this picture of Sadness. I love sharing my kids art because it always brightens someone’s day… 😀❤️👍   

I had to buy Emmett new shoes

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The boys andbInhad errands to run this morning beginning with renewing my drivers license.  We followed up with bitting the bullet and taking Emmett shoe shopping.  That’s not a process that enjoy doing, especially since his current shoes are perfectly fine and only 3 months old.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason,… Read more »

My son with #Autism will no longer wear shoes

I really worried about this upcoming school year for Emmett. He hasn’t tolerated shoes in almost 2 months. He’s been wearing flip flops, which sorta seems odd but that’s all he will wear.  He has to wear shoes at school, flip flops won’t cut it.  I went out and bought… Read more »

Today’s Major #Autism Victory: Eating Dinner

I don’t have to explain how difficult it can be to get a child with Autism and/or Sensory Processing Disorder to most of you because you live it everyday.  This type of food proclivities run rampant in The Autism Dad household and meal times are very challenging as a result. … Read more »