Guess who’s birthday it is

I want to take a minute and share that today is Lizze's birthday. We sorta celebrated last night with cake, but I want to take her out to dinner as soon as I get paid.  While I won't share her age, she's younger than me. ☺  I think this is the sixteenth birthday I've had the honor of celebrating with her. We've been together for almost our entire adult lives and it never gets old.  We've been through a great deal, survived and lived to celebrate another birthday together. ♥  Happy Birthday Lizze... ☺ 


Today is a very special day for Emmett 

On this day back in 2008, Mr. Emmett John was brought into this world, after a hard fought, very complicated pregnancy. He came early, just like Elliott.  I remember being terrified that something was going to be wrong, but for the most part, he was fully developed, happy and healthy. He came home on time but made a few return trips for severe jaundice, and concerns over apnea.  We've been through a great deal with him in his short life thus far, and he's overcome so many obstacles.  He was believed to deaf, and nonverbal Autistic. It took many years but he just started talking one day and hasn't stopped. The Autism part would prove to be true, but it turns out he wasn't deaf, he was simply tuning everything…


Guess what we’re doing tonight

Elliott had a great day at school today. I picked him up this afternoon and we went to the grocery store because we needed to get his birthday cake. He wanted to pick it out and we didn't have a problem with that.  He was a big help with the rest of the groceries as well. ☺  On the way home, we ordered and picked up Chinese for his birthday dinner. Lizze and I wanted to take the boys to a movie tonight but no one wanted to go and Elliott wanted to stay home and play with his birthday presents.  We decided to celebrate his birthday today, at his request because his actual birthday is tomorrow but we're celebrating with the family on Sunday. It's better to split things…


Today’s a very special day

I wanted to share a something about why today is so special for our family. It was on this day back in 2000, that Gavin was born. Mr. Gavin is seventeen years old today and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. He's come such a long way over the years and I couldn't be any prouder of the young man that's he's becoming... ☺ Happy Birthday Gavin. We love you very much..


Happy Birthday to my Father-in-law 

In a rare occurrence, Lizze was able to corral the kids and get them in the same place, at the same time.  The purpose was to wish their Grandpa a happy birthday.   Mission accomplished.   All three of the kids were present and accounted for, just long enough to say happy birthday over the phone. The second they were done, they scattered in their own direction and went back to bouncing off the walls.  It's hard enough to get kids in general to cooperate for something like this, let alone three with Autism and ADHD...  ☺