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Today’s a very special day

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I wanted to share a something about why today is so special for our family. It was on this day back in 2000, that Gavin was born. 

Mr. Gavin is seventeen years old today and we are so blessed to … Read More

Happy Birthday to my Father-in-law 

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In a rare occurrence, Lizze was able to corral the kids and get them in the same place, at the same time.  The purpose was to wish their Grandpa a happy birthday.  

Mission accomplished.  

All three of the … Read More

Please Wish A Happy 8th Birthday To Emmett 

I want to take a minute and share something really special that happened on this day 8 years ago. That something special is of course the birth of our tiniest little minion, Emmett.  ☺ 

To my sweet, mischievous, super smart, … Read More

This time 10 years ago, Elliott was fighting for his life

Shortly after birth, Elliott experienced major, life threatening complications and was taken to the NICU.

I remember him screaming or crying, like babies do after being born. 

As he was crying, the sound of his cries changed dramatically and that’s … Read More

Holy Cow….. We made it.. :-)

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Just dropping a quick note because I’m pretty excited about this afternoon.

I took the boys to go see Kung Fu Panda 3 this morning.  Elliott ended up coming with us rather than staying behind and going to Cleveland with … Read More

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