I’m really struggling to be patient with my kids today

The morning has been a rough one.  Elliott and Emmett have been out of control.  I’ve really been pushed to the brink of insanity.

I was really, really struggling because I just didn’t have the patience I needed to cope. 

Once I gave them all I had, I was pretty much spent and not in a good place for anything.  I spent plenty of time in time out this morning because it was all I had left to do. 


We did make it to our Easter family gathering and everyone’s doing pretty good. 

I’m really hoping to sorta regroup and maybe pickup some sanity along the way. 

I will say that part of the problem for me has to do with refusing to allow myself to lash out at the boys.  They may frustrate the shit out me but it’s my job to cope with it.  I can correct the behavior ans hold them accountable but I try very hard never to lose my cool. 

It’s way more easily said than done and it’s exhausting but worth it. 

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