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It’s like being kicked in the balls

Lizze and I are really heartbroken over the amount of regression Gavin’s been experiencing lately. Today was particularly difficult because Gavin was clearly struggling in many areas.  On one hand, I sent Gavin in to Clearwater to refill one of our five gallon water jugs, while I watched him from outside the store. He had …

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An Honesty Post: This is just one of the more difficult challenges I face as a single #Autism Parent

“Honesty Post” is a bit of a misnomer because all of my posts are honest. This is the first one of these I think I’ve done since retiring Lost and Tired. My intent is to provide serious insight into the challenges I face as an #Autism parent. These things are not easy to talk about but I think it’s important, not only better understand my struggles but the struggles of other families like mine…

I’m really struggling to be patient with my kids today

This is one of those days where I’m really, really struggling to hold everything together…

Honesty Post: The truth about how raising my 3 kids with #Autism alone really feels

“……..This is one of those posts where I’m basically letting you inside my thought process as I deal with things that are happening in my life.  Nothing said here is meant to be taken as hateful or mean spirited towards anyone……” Read More

An Honesty Post: I’m struggling a bit tonight

“……For some reason, I’m feeling an enormous amount of stress and pressure. There’s no one particular thing that’s weighing me down, at least not that I can single out……” Read More

AN HONESTY POST: I’m depressed and this is what it’s like

AN HONESTY POST: I’m depressed and this is what it’s like