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An Honesty Post: This is just one of the more difficult challenges I face as a single #Autism Parent

When Emmett was approved disability benefits, it was at the very first attempt because he definitely qualified.  I was so relieved because that meant that I could worry about financial things much less each month and I could instead focus … Read More

I’m really struggling to be patient with my kids today

The morning has been a rough one.  Elliott and Emmett have been out of control.  I’ve really been pushed to the brink of insanity.

I was really, really struggling because I just didn’t have the patience I needed to cope.  … Read More

Honesty Post: The truth about how raising my 3 kids with #Autism alone really feels

This is one of those posts where I’m basically letting you inside my thought process as I deal with things that are happening in my life.  Nothing said here is meant to be taken as hateful or mean spirited towards Read More

An Honesty Post: I’m struggling a bit tonight

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I have to be honest because if I’m not, I do myself and anyone reading this a disservice.

For some reason, I’m feeling an enormous amount of stress and pressure.  There’s no one particular thing that’s weighing me down, at … Read More

AN HONESTY POST: I’m depressed and this is what it’s like

Let me begin by saying that depression is a bitch.  It has its fingers in every aspect of my life and I’m not afraid to admit that there are many times where it gets the better of me.

I’ve been … Read More