An Honesty Post: This is just one of the more difficult challenges I face as a single #Autism Parent

When Emmett was approved disability benefits, it was at the very first attempt because he definitely qualified.  I was so relieved because that meant that I could worry about financial things much less each month and I could instead focus on more important things.

I thought that I would be getting some breathing room and be able to focus more on getting back on my feet, building up this site and creating a source of monthly revenue that would make me less dependent on outside assistance.… Read More

I’m really struggling to be patient with my kids today

The morning has been a rough one.  Elliott and Emmett have been out of control.  I’ve really been pushed to the brink of insanity.

I was really, really struggling because I just didn’t have the patience I needed to cope. 

Once I gave them all I had, I was pretty much spent and not in a good place for anything.  I spent plenty of time in time out this morning because it was all I had left to do. 


We did make it to our Easter family gathering and everyone’s doing pretty good. 

I’m really hoping to sorta regroup and maybe pickup some sanity along the way. 

I will say that part of the problem for me has to do with refusing to allow myself to lash out at the boys.  They may frustrate the shit out me but it’s my job to cope with it.  I can correct the behavior ans hold them accountable but I try very hard never to lose my cool. 

It’s way more easily said than done and it’s exhausting but worth it. 

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Honesty Post: The truth about how raising my 3 kids with #Autism alone really feels

This is one of those posts where I’m basically letting you inside my thought process as I deal with things that are happening in my life.  Nothing said here is meant to be taken as hateful or mean spirited towards anyone.  I’m simply trying to work through some things and this helps.  If reading this helps someone going through something similar, that’s even better…

I’ve been very open and honest about my newly embarked upon, single parenting journey. … Read More

An Honesty Post: I’m struggling a bit tonight

I have to be honest because if I’m not, I do myself and anyone reading this a disservice.

For some reason, I’m feeling an enormous amount of stress and pressure.  There’s no one particular thing that’s weighing me down, at least not that I can single out. 

How do I know things are bad? That’s where the honesty part comes into play. 

When my stress level has reached a point where I’m completely saturated, like I am tonight, I develop tics.… Read More

AN HONESTY POST: I’m depressed and this is what it’s like

Let me begin by saying that depression is a bitch.  It has its fingers in every aspect of my life and I’m not afraid to admit that there are many times where it gets the better of me.

I’ve been at war with depression since I was a teenager. 

The very first time I was in love, it was with someone who was being violated by someone she should have been able to trust and it had been going on since she was a child. … Read More