I’m really struggling to be patient with my kids today

The morning has been a rough one.  Elliott and Emmett have been out of control.  I’ve really been pushed to the brink of insanity.

I was really, really struggling because I just didn’t have the patience I needed to cope. 

Once I gave them all I had, I was pretty much spent and not in a good place for anything.  I spent plenty of time in time out this morning because it was all I had left to do. 

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We did make it to our Easter family gathering and everyone’s doing pretty good. 

I’m really hoping to sorta regroup and maybe pickup some sanity along the way. 

I will say that part of the problem for me has to do with refusing to allow myself to lash out at the boys.  They may frustrate the shit out me but it’s my job to cope with it.  I can correct the behavior ans hold them accountable but I try very hard never to lose my cool. 

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It’s way more easily said than done and it’s exhausting but worth it. 

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  1. Jimmy Rock

    What would happen if you “lost your cool”? I mean, obviously I’m not envisioning violence…..but depending on what it actually means, but maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to lose your cool…at least a little.

    So, “lashing out” — what are we talking here – yelling? Saying something that’s not completely measured and thought out? Giving them a disproportionate consequence to the level of behavior they’re exhibiting? If you don’t really ever do any of these things, such a display once in a rare while just might get their attention…

    And here’s the disclaimer. I am in no way advocating anything…Just a devil’s advocate sort of thing here…without way more info than I obviously have I’m not suggesting anything other than to think about it – not as an outlet for your frustration but rather to use that frustration in a potentially beneficial way…

    1. Sorry, I’m playing comment catchup..

      Thanks for not assuming violence because that’s never an option. I don’t even spank because it’s counterproductive and there’s nowhere really to go from there.

      Yeah, I’m referring more to yelling. I’m not above it if the situation warrants but I yelling in general isn’t something my kids respond well to..

      I much prefer natural consequences or the taking away of a privilege (TV, video games etc).

      I really try to keep the environment peaceful because otherwise, it’s becomes way too hard for me to manage… ☺

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