Lizze and I are really heartbroken over the amount of regression Gavin’s been experiencing lately. Today was particularly difficult because Gavin was clearly struggling in many areas. 

On one hand, I sent Gavin in to Clearwater to refill one of our five gallon water jugs, while I watched him from outside the store. He had to buy a token, lid and then fill the jug up before carrying it out and putting it into the trunk. This is only the second time he’s done this and he did a really good job. 

At the same time, he can’t remember how to type the code into the keyless entry on the front door. He’s been able to do it for the last two years, but lately he can’t remember the code anymore. 

His memory has gone downhill. 

He can remember these totally random things from ten years ago, but can’t remember what I just asked him to do. He appears to have almost no short term memory anymore, at least in practice. 

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2 thoughts on “It’s like being kicked in the balls

  1. How unutterably sad for you. I am so sorry you are going through this now.
    I also read your comment about the new diagnosis, which is tough even though it doesn’t change anything in his life, of course. Hang in there. You have strength to handle this.

    1. Thanks dot… It’s really great to hear from you. Lizze and I were hoping all was okay in your corner of the world.

      I really appreciate the kind words and I hope all is well for you and yours.. ☺

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