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There’s been major fallout today and it’s a lot to handle

It’s not uncommon for there to be what I refer to as fallout following any type of stimulating event, in regards to an Autistic child. That stimulating event can be positive or negative, it doesn’t matter. An example of what could be viewed as negative stimuli would be something like visiting the dentist. That’s stressful …

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Understanding a devastating #meltdown from start to finish 

My goal with this post is to help you understand the meltdown process from start to finish. I’m hoping to reinforce that meltdowns are not behavioral problems. Meltdowns do not require discipline and aren’t indicative or bad parenting or a bad child. I am using an example that happened in our lives recently, to help …

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How Autism related meltdowns impact me as a parent, and how I cope

One of the hardest parts of being an Autism parent for me this week so far, is meltdowns. When it comes to Autism, I always tell people never make assumptions. Having said that, I feel pretty safe saying, if you’re an Autism parent, you’re probably intimately acquainted with meltdowns.  Meltdowns are exhausting for everyone, not …

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What it’s like to take my 3 kids with #Autism to the store

I’m hoping this gives some insight into the everyday challenges of being a special needs parent. Everyone’s experience will be different but many of you will be able to relate, while others will learn what it’s like for the first time. We had to run a few errands this morning and quite frankly, the boys …

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