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I really screwed the pooch on this one but it could have been worse

Buffer7 Share3 Share2 Pin1 Reddit Tweet +1Shares 13This is going to be one of those days where I know going into it that it’s gonna suck a big one. This… Read more »


I’m trying to recover from a massive meltdown this morning and I’m not doing very well

Tweet3 Share2 Pin2 Share1 Reddit Buffer +1Shares 8Starting your day off with a massive meltdown, is really a pretty shitty way to do it. I’ve lived through one such morning… Read more »


I feel like I just binge watched a months worth of meltdowns in one day

Pin1 Reddit Share Buffer Tweet +1 ShareShares 1It was a really rough day with Mr. Emmett.  He was at the dentist this morning and did really well but it was… Read more »

This meltdown brought to by……  

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Share17 Buffer6 Pin2 +12 Share1 Tweet1 RedditShares 29There are a great many things about being a parent to children with Autism that can be tough.  That being said, I think… Read more »


You know it’s bad when your child’s meltdown sets off the alarm

Tweet7 +14 Pin4 Share3 Share Buffer RedditShares 18This morning has been filled with screaming.  In fact, it’s been so bad that it’s actually setting off the glass break sensors in… Read more »

The heartbreaking reality of meltdowns

As a parent, you’re instinct is to comfort your kids when they are in distress but meltdowns are something that don’t always accept comforting.


For the love of our little meltdown makers

It’s time for some meltdown awareness.. By reading and sharing this post and image, you will help to put accurate information out into the world about what meltdowns really are and what they aren’t.


We survived a massive meltdown tonight :(

The meltdown we had to night was nothing sort of house shaking and ear piercing