Zero to Meltdown

I talked this morning about how awesome it was that the boys got themselves dressed and ready for school before we even woke up. That’s all very true and something I’m quite proud of them for. 

Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends and the meltdowns begin. 

Emmett was fine until it became time to put something on his feet.… Read More

One of my kids almost didn’t make it to school this morning 

Both boys were up before 6am this morning but entertained themselves pretty well and I’m grateful for that. Elliott had a pretty good morning and aside from keeping him on task, there weren’t any issues worth mentioning. 

Emmett on the other hand, had a horrible sensory morning. 

It was so bad that he almost didn’t make it to school.… Read More

OMG tonight’s massive meltdown was awful 

It’s been a nightmare tonight. Emmett melted down for most of the evening. What was the problem you ask? It’s spirit week at school. 

Tomorrow is dress up like a book character day and Emmett is freaking out over this because he refuses to wear anything that he doesn’t have a book for.… Read More

I really screwed the pooch on this one but it could have been worse

This is going to be one of those days where I know going into it that it’s gonna suck a big one. This time it’s because I screwed up again. 

When I had the boys at the immunologist/allergist, earlier this year, follow-up appointments had been made that somehow never made it into the calendar. 

I’m very meticulous with managing my calendar and everything syncs with my Google Apps account across all my devices but the ball was dropped somewhere along the way. 

Yesterday I received a phone call confirming the boys appointment for today.… Read More

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