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Yay for #meltdowns

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I’m just not a fan of today. The weather is terrible and the kids are struggling but goddamnit if we didn’t go trick or treating in the pouring rain. We debated and not going was the end of the world for some. They missed out last year because they were… Read more »

Meltdowns and mayhem led to an incrediblely touching gesture

This morning has been a total disaster. Mr. Emmett woke up in a mood that can only be described as unfortunate. He woke up at one point last night and wanted to crawl into our bed but we got him back into his instead. Maybe he had nightmares again and… Read more »

We’re seeing a significant increase in #Meltdowns

There’s so much going on in my life and it’s becoming more and more difficult to write about it because it’s exhausting. I keep thinking about doing more vlogger type things but I don’t know. Anyway, Elliott’s going through a very, very, very difficult time. The teenage years aren’t easy… Read more »

It’s already overwhelming

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The boys got off to school this morning without too much hassle. Emmett however, is very clearly distressed by all the changes to his routine and schedule. We’re seeing tummy aches and nightmares again already. He loves school but at the same time, it’s very stressful for him. When Emmett… Read more »

I’m so tired of fricking #meltdowns

There isn’t anything I know of that can prepare some for the reality of Autism related Meltdowns. They’re awful for everyone involved, especially the person physically experiencing one. At this point in time, Emmett is the defacto meltdown maker in our house. Gavin’s making a comeback and that’s incredibly unfortunate… Read more »

We had a massive, massive meltdown

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It’s not been a good morning so far. To start things off on the wrong foot, I stepped funny coming down the stairs and jarred my back. You may recall that I suffered a major back injury many years ago. Most of the time I’m okay and I’ve adapted to… Read more »

Another example of why Monday’s suck

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Mondays suck. I don’t know what it about a Monday but it just seems like they never go well. This morning for example, we woke up to Maggie puking up a bunch of Slim Jim wrappers and we have no idea where she found them. The only thing we can… Read more »

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