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Emmett had a great time

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Emmett had an amazing time at his friend’s birthday party today. It was at Chuck E Cheese and while it’s not very adult friendly, the kids loved it. ☺ I hung out the entire time and met some the parents. They were all super nice and it helped to offset… Read more »

Emmett has another birthday party today

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This is the second Saturday in a row that Emmett has a birthday party to attend. I’m thrilled that he’s got the opportunity but two weekends in a row is a bit much. 😜 This afternoon he has one of his best friends party and it’s at Chuck E Cheese…. Read more »

Sometimes it’s really hard to remain positive

This has been a rough week for us. Actually, it’s been a rough recent history for us. We really, really, really need to chalk up some victories here because moral is getting low. There are some very positive things that have happened recently. The mass in Gavin’s arm turned out… Read more »

An example of how repetition helps Gavin learn or maintain skills

It’s been a difficult day because Gavin is definitely struggling but it’s sort of a mixed bag. I’ll give you an example. I mentioned to him last night that he needs to shave because if he’s going to grow facial hair, he needs to maintain it. His goatee comes in… Read more »

My wife and I have a very difficult #Autism parenting decision to make

Lizze and I may have a difficult decision to make in the morning. As you know, our ferret Zane has been very sick. Over the last week or so, he seemed to doing better and we were all quite relieved by that. Unfortunately, we’re noticing that his back legs now… Read more »

I know it can be depressing to read my #Autism parenting story but after you finish reading, I’ll still be living it

Being an Autism Parent is like riding the scariest wooden roller-coaster you can possibly imagine. There are often no brakes and that means you can’t get off the ride because it never stops. In many cases, the ride doesn’t stop until the day you die. I know it can often… Read more »

As an #Autism parent, I have to celebrate the wins, even if no one else gets it

I know yesterday was a rough one for me and I was run pretty ragged but there were some positives. I wanted to quickly share one of those positives with you and encourage you to try and focus on the positives in your life. ☺ One of the big frustrations… Read more »

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