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What it’s like to #vaccinate a child with #Autism and why we do it anyway

Getting the flu shot is extremely challenging for Autism families like mine but this is why we do it anyway.

Why I’m so proud of Gavin today

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As I’ve said many times, I’m trying to focus on the positive. It’s not always easy to do but I’ve found that there is almost always something I can add to the positive column. Sometimes I have to look a bit harder than other times but there’s usually something there…. Read more »

This is why we rarely make plans

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We’ve learned over the many years of being Autism and Special Needs parents, that we have to be flexible in order to survive.

Today was incredibly rough but here are the things I’m grateful for

The truth is, I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, worried, stressed out, broke and fearful of what tomorrow will bring but I’m also incredibly proud of everyone

Being an #Autism parent is f*cking hard and life doesn’t make things any easier

It’s been a minute since I’ve written anything publicly. I spent some time today writing but it was painful and unfortunately, necessary. I’m hoping to move forward now and put some of this recent shit in the rear view. All I can do is try. Life simply sucks sometimes, no… Read more »

A few reasons why I think the word “normal” gets a bad rap and why needing feel normal is okay

In those moments, we’re not worried about appointments, money, meds, meltdowns or anything else related to being an Autism and Special Needs parent.

This morning is a perfect example of why #Autism and #SpecialNeeds parents need to be flexible

Today’s already not going as planned. I was supposed to get the boys to school, go walking and then take Gavin to Akron Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, things fell apart rather quickly this morning. Elliott woke up not feeling well. He’s got a runny nose, sore throat and now a fever…. Read more »

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