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Doing right by Gavin for his 18th birthday isn’t as easy as it sounds

Gavin will turn eighteen in a few days. To be honest, that’s a pretty big deal for a number of reasons. The most obvious is that he’s physically made it to eighteen and I say that because of his fragile health. He’s had some close calls over the years and… Read more »

It’s so easy to forget he struggles to express himself

There’s something that is often overlooked when it comes to Emmett. He’s incredibly intelligent and I mean scary smart. Academically he’s way ahead of where he should be and just keeps going. This is something we feel blessed to be able to witness but there is a downside. Emmett is… Read more »

Why family therapy is important, especially for special needs families

One of the reasons we have maintained family therapy for all this time is because it’s so easy to overlook things when it comes to the emotional health of our special needs kids. Last night is a great example of when we learned things that we hadn’t known prior. This… Read more »

Please don’t take even the little things for granted

I’ve been feeling optimistic lately and I still am, but at the same time I’m feeling overwhelmed. For some reason, life is feeling heavy and difficult to carry. Nothing has happened that would shake up my snow globe, so to speak. The boys have been a handful and then some,… Read more »

It’s so import to connect with your kids

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I spent the early part of the morning working on some writing gigs. The second and most fun part of the morning was spent playing Connect Four with my tiniest little minion Emmett. We must have played twenty games. Some were won and many others lost because Emmett is freakishly… Read more »

What it’s like to take 3 kids with #Autism grocery shopping

You may or may not be aware of this little tidbit of information but taking three kids with Autism to the grocery store is one hell of a challenging task. I try to avoid taking all three kids with me whenever it’s possible because I’m trying to preserve what little… Read more »

Holy Shit! Can you say overstimulation?

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Lizze and the boys came home well after bedtime and my God were the boys wound up. Elliott and Emmett were bouncing off of everything, while Gavin was like a walking zombie, desperately wanting to go to bed. Elliott was somewhat manageable but Emmett went from hyper to raging. It… Read more »

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