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How my kids are dealing with the loss of my grandmother

I’m beginning to see the impact of my grandmother’s death on my kids, particularly Emmett. None of my kids are talking about her or the fact that she’s passed, and that’s in stark contrast to what things were like while she was still with us. All three of my kids… Read more »

How do you help your child with #Autism navigate significant loss?

On Saturday morning, June 15th, my grandmother passed away at the age of 94. I’ve been really struggling with this loss for several reasons, but the loss isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s a part of life that we all will someday face, and it’s unavoidable. While this is a… Read more »

My 19-year-old #Autistic son has a touching moment with my grandmother

Gavin is my 19-year-old Autistic son. While he’s 19 years old on the outside, he’s about 5 or 6 years old on the inside. This presents many challenges for him, many I talk about on this blog. One of the significant challenges for Gavin is pretty much anything to do… Read more »

I was completely unprepared my #Autistic son’s heartbreaking emotional reaction

One of the biggest challenges my wife and I have faced as Autism parents is something that thankfully, doesn’t present itself very often. When it does, however, it’s very difficult to navigate. That challenge has to do with the death of a family member. Thankfully, that doesn’t occur very often,… Read more »

The impulsivity alone is exhausting

There were some frustrating points in our day today, especially in regards to Gavin’s IVIG infusion. He was supposed to do the infusion on Friday, but we were seeing a movie that morning, and he decided that he wanted to do it Saturday instead. No harm no foul. We figured… Read more »

My 19-year-old #Autistic son totally impressed me

When Gavin was younger, he was admitted to the psych unit at Akron Children’s Hospital more times than I can remember. It was always a last resort but a necessary action when things got really bad, and he needed acute stabilization. Anyway, Gavin’s doing so much better now, but he’s… Read more »

My #Autistic son did the most amazing thing today

Gavin was able to get his blood work done without any problems. In fact, I wanted to share something cool that Gavin did while he was there. It’s no secret that Gavin is a creature of habit. He thrives on routine, especially for things that are scary for him like… Read more »

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