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There’s only 1 thing that could make things worse and it just happened

I have been sharing how stressed out and worried I am over Gavin’s current immunological crisis. I consider it a crisis because there is a nationwide shortage of GAMMAGARD. This… Read more »

2 things that have always overwhelmed me as an #Autism parent

There are so many things about being an Autism parent that can be overwhelming. Everyone’s list is likely to be different but I bet there are at least a few… Read more »

We overcame one of the challenges in regards to Gavin turning 18

We were able to reconnect with Gavin’s MyChart account this week. When he turned 18 this past January, his account was closed and he needed to open up a new… Read more »

Do you know how much fun shoe shopping is for two kids with #Autism?

Ha.. That’s a trick question because it’s a fricking nightmare. After we left the cookout, I took Elliott shoe shopping. Emmett decided that he wanted to try shoes again as… Read more »

#Autism Parenting: It’s time to give yourself a little credit

Autism Parents have to be many, many things. Unfortunately, one of the most common things they are is hard on themselves. The average Autism parent is about a million times… Read more »

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