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You can’t put a price on getting a break

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The boys are off to their Grandparents for the afternoon and we have some time to ourselves for the first time in awhile. They won’t be gone too long and we’re pretty much broke, so we aren’t doing much. We did go walking though and that’s important. At least we… Read more »

@GetSpectrum has to come out again and this is why it’s upsetting my kids with #Autism

The kids woke up this morning and all was well until they learned that Spectrum had to come back out again because there’s an apparent problem in our lines somewhere. I didn’t think it was a big deal and that as the person dealing with this directly, I was the… Read more »

This happens every single night, without fail

Every single night, no matter what’s going on or how bad of a day I’ve had, I can always count on Gavin’s bedtime routine. ☺ Part of that routine, is asking me if he can show me his city. By that he means he wants me to look at the… Read more »

I was so frustrated I could scream (this is a very sensitive topic)

It’s been an insanely frustrating day. Very little went as planned. Some went okay and a small amount has been an absolute disaster. The internet was a nightmare because two rounds of brand new equipment was faulty. I now have to wait until Wednesday to get a tech out here… Read more »

I’m a little worried about Gavin this morning

Gavin has been incognito all morning and we aren’t sure why. The only time we’ve seen him today was at lunch. He seemed sorta slower and more out of it than normal. Something else we noticed right away is that Gavin was wearing shorts. What does wearing shorts matter, you… Read more »

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