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#Autism parenting is an uphill battle every single day and that’s okay

I’m not looking for life to be easy. I’m not looking for anything to be handed to me either. What I would very much appreciate is a level playing field. Life as a full-time caregiver to four people with special needs is rewarding, challenging, never dull and absolutely exhausting. As… Read more »

Something I do to help my #Autistic son better navigate life and the people in it

Gavin’s been in a really good mood today. He’s usually a good mood kind of person but today was a bit different. I’ve been working with Gavin for years on being able to goof around. He’s so serious all the time, and if you try to joke around or tease… Read more »

Time off for good behavior

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If the boys are feeling better tomorrow, Lizze and I will get a desperately needed break. It’s been nonstop since last Friday, neither one of us have been sleeping well, and we need to unplug ASAP. Assuming we get time off for good behavior, we probably won’t do anything particularly… Read more »

Even the smallest changes can be disruptive to my #Autistic kids

Mr. Elliott is home from school due to illness. He was actually sent home from school yesterday with a low-grade fever and cough. Since you have to be 24 hours without a fever before returning to school, he’s currently resting in his room. Emmett was not happy about having to… Read more »

Phone calls from the school during the school day are never good

Just when I thought things were finally settling down and we could catch our breath from all the Gavin drama this morning, Lizze gets a phone call. Elliott is in the school office with a fever and needs to come home. I had to drop what I was doing to… Read more »

When your kid with #Autism is distressed

I had a hard time falling asleep last night. It had been an exhausting and emotional day. When you’re an Autism or Special Needs parent, and your kids are experiencing distress, it has a significant impact on everyone in the house. Lizze and I were both stressed out and drained… Read more »

Patiently waiting for his turn

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We’re about an hour into the tournament and Emmett is one of the last to go. He’s always in the last group. I’m sure how they group the kids, but I don’t think it’s alphabetically. Anyway, Emmett is waiting patiently.

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