Here’s what happened at Emmett’s doctors appointment today

As I shared earlier, Emmett had an appointment with his pediatrician this afternoon for an ADHD intake, similar to Elliott’s from last week. 

The ADHD intake went just fine. Emmett’s ADHD was on full display while we were there. We kinda joked about whether or not I was sure he had ADHD because he was all over the …

Why I had to pick up the kids early today

We’re all checked in and waiting to be called back. Oh… I should have mentioned that Emmett has his ADHD intake with his pediatrician today. This is the same appointment that Elliott had last week, minus the headache stuff. 

I’m not expecting this to be a challenging appointment unless they try to clean his ears out. He needs to …

Can #ADHD make it difficult for kids to fall asleep? 

It’s now pushing midnight as I’m writing this and Mr. Elliott is still awake. He’s having the hardest time falling asleep lately. 

Emmett was the one struggling for so long and now that he’s doing better, Elliott is trading places with him. I’m not sure what this is all about, or how to help him through this. 

Tonight …

Could he be anymore hyper?

Do you ever have those mornings where your kids are hyper and fuck? I’m definitely having one of those mornings today. The guilty party is Mr. Elliott and this kid is bouncing off the walls and anything else that has a solid surface. I’ve often wondered why some mornings he wakes up super calm and other mornings he just …

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