#Autism vs #ADHD: I’m not sure which is more challenging for me as a parent

I’m pretty tired still from from you know, my life.  The boys were in good spirits this morning but impossible to keep them on task. It’s …

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This is why I often choose not to give my kids their afternoon dose of #ADHD meds

The boys had a really good day at school today. I’m totally feeling like a pretty awesome Dad because it was picture day and remembered …

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It was a pretty rough morning here

Everyone got up this morning without issue because they were up and moving long before they should have been. 

The problem I ran into the boys this …

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Emmett’s off his ADHD meds and it isn’t pretty

So I went to refill Emmett’s ADHD medication on Saturday, only to find out that he was out if refills. 

He shouldn’t be out of refills because …

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I didn’t give my son his ADHD meds this morning for a good reason but I almost didn’t make it as a result O_o

Emmett spent the day off of his ADHD medication because I wanted to see if it was impacting his tummy aches. 

The only difference I saw was that he …

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When ADHD medication goes wrong

I’m a firm believer in medicating my children when it’s in their best interests. I feel that’s the only responsible approach for me.

Medicating my …

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