#Autism vs #ADHD: I’m not sure which is more challenging for me as a parent

I’m pretty tired still from from you know, my life.  The boys were in good spirits this morning but impossible to keep them on task. It’s like trying to herd lemmings.  Everytime I turn around, they’re trying to jump off the edge of a cliff. 

Constantly having to stay on top of them is an exhausting but necessary evil.… Read More

This is why I often choose not to give my kids their afternoon dose of #ADHD meds

The boys had a really good day at school today. I’m totally feeling like a pretty awesome Dad because it was picture day and remembered to have them wear something other than their uniform. ☺

Elliott’s been in a mood because I made him do his homework as soon as he got home.  It’s outside of his routine but he wasn’t able to do his homework last night and I wanted to make sure it got done tonight. 

Both he and Emmett have been arguing/fighting this evening and the tension in the house is a bit high.  Gavin’s hiding in his room and I’m taking a break in mine as well. 

Part of the problem is that I don’t always give them their afternoon does of Adderall.  It’s not that I forget, it’s actually a conscious choice and I have good reason for it. 


For starters, I’ve cleared it with their doctor and it’s not a problem at all.  Adderall isn’t like an antidepressant or something similar, in the sense that it doesn’t need to be constantly maintained in the bloodstream.  It’s fast acting and only works when it’s taken.  Skipping the afternoon dose has zero impact on its effectiveness when the next dose is taken.… Read More

Emmett’s off his ADHD meds and it isn’t pretty

So I went to refill Emmett’s ADHD medication on Saturday, only to find out that he was out if refills. 

He shouldn’t be out of refills because there should be at least another months worth stored at the pharmacy but apparently it appears as though when the doctors office faxed the scripts in, they didn’t do 3 months worth like they always have before. 

I’ve got a call in to the doctors office but will say this, my God, Emmett is literally bouncing off the walls, his brothers, the dog and anything else he can. 

For the love of God, please call these meds in today because I’m not going to survive a week of this. 

Between the anxiety, impulsiveness and the fallout from the holidays, my sanity is truly being tested today.… Read More

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