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Update: How I’m managing my #Depression

As many of you know, I’ve been warring with Depression for most of my life. I talk about managing Depression as an ongoing war because there will be many battles, some I’ll win and some I won’t. Recently, I decided that I needed to get more help in managing my Depression because I was significantly …

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My wife finally got her medical #marijuana card and here’s how it went

We had a really interesting day today and actually, it was quite positive. We made some major progress in our quest to find Lizze some relief from all that she suffers from. I mentioned in a sorta offhand way recently, that Lizze has been using CBD oil and is scheduled to be evaluated for a …

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We haven’t had a fully working stove for almost a decade

This is intended to be a very quick update to something I shared late last week. Just to get everyone on the same page quickly, I’ll remind you what was going on. It’s been the better part of a decade since we’ve had a fully working stove. The oven, along with two of the four …

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How migraines and desperation led us to explore CBD products

If you’ve been reading our story for a while, you are probably aware of at least some of the problems we’re facing as a family. Most of the focus has been on the kids, especially Gavin. One of the things I haven’t spent a great deal of time lately is talking about some of the …

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OMG! This would make #selfcare so much easier

Self-care is so important but it’s also very difficult for families like mine. This is something I’m thinking about to make it a bit easier.

More information on the storm damage to our house arrived and it looks like we’re up a creek without a paddle

Things are looking worse and worse in regards to our homeowners claim for the storm damage from a few weeks back. I got the estimate for the cut-up and removal of the tree this afternoon. Putting everything into perspective here for a second, we have a minimum of $1,700 worth of repairs to fix the …

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