He’s driving me f@#king crazy today

Let me start things off by reminding everyone how much I love my kids.  I’ve got tons of new readers and I just want to be clear on that because of the tone of this post. 

That said, and with my profession of unconditional love for my children, here’s the deal. They are driving me fucking crazy. More specifically, Gavin’s driving me fucking crazy.… Read More

OMG… He won’t stop talking O_o

I’m so tired and Gavin just won’t stop talking. Look, I’m so grateful that all my kids are verbal and I know how hard it can be when they aren’t because Emmett was nonverbal until he was almost four or five years old. We were told he would never talk, so to at least some degree, I get it. 

Gavin is one of those bipolar kids that talk incessantly when they are manic. 

My God, this kid hasn’t stopped talking today.… Read More

I don’t know how much more I can take right now

The boys got off to school okay this morning.  Emmett’s sporting his new crocs and at least for now, all is well.  

That’s the good news. 

In the world of bad news, Gavin’s driving me crazy.  

Maybe I’m just grumpy or lacking in the area of patience today but Gavin’s incessant talking is really getting to me.  This kid will not shut up and I can’t escape it.… Read More

Gavin’s driving me flipping crazy today O_o

Not having a lot of energy, makes writing a challenging thing to get accomplished.  I want to write more often but it just seems too difficult.  This may be part of my problem as well because writing is such a tremendous outlet for me that not writing means that I internalize things more…

I’m making a concerted effort today because I’m being tested by Mr.… Read More

Bad News With a Positive Twist

I’ve been noticing some subtle changes in Gavin recently. 

His room has become very disorganized, he’s having a harder time falling asleep, he’s talking to Sonic the Hedgehog, spending more time in that world,  having delusions of grandure and is incessantly talking.

I was hoping it was just a weird time for him but I suspect he’s entered into a manic phase. 


Mental health issues are so complicated and even when he’s properly medicated, he can still experience cycles. 

Historically speaking, this is the time of year when he experiences these changes in his emotional stability. 

Typically, this is something that just has to run its course. 

Aside from him talking at you until your ears bleed, he’s harmless.… Read More