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Unfortunately, Gavin isn’t getting better and tonight’s appointment is proof of that

Buffer5 Share4 Tweet4 Share3 Pin2 +11 RedditShares 19We met with Dr. Pattie tonight and one of the main topics was Gavin. He’s officially been back on 800mg per day of… Read more »


Gavin’s side effects are getting worse

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Share11 Share4 Pin1 Tweet1 +1 Reddit BufferShares 17After four days of being on his increased dose of Clozapine, it’s pretty clear that his side effects are getting worse. The side… Read more »


Gavin’s missions have taken a dark turn today and I’m at a loss

Share12 Buffer12 Share2 Tweet2 Pin2 +12 RedditShares 32Gavin sat Lizze and I down tonight to fill us in on some bad things that happened back at base today.  I’m going… Read more »


I fear Gavin’s starting to lose it and that’s not good

Share8 Buffer7 Pin2 Tweet1 Share Reddit +1Shares 18I wanted to talk about how Gavin is doing. Lizze and I have been talking about this today and we both agree that… Read more »


Gavin gives an update on his latest mission 8/6/16 #schizoaffective

Pin2 Reddit Share Buffer Tweet +1 ShareShares 2Just so we’re all on the same page.  Gavin suffers from a form of Schizophrenia called Schizoaffective Disorder.  He’s currently in the midst… Read more »


We made a difficult decision about Gavin’s current emotional status

Share10 Buffer6 +12 Share2 Pin1 Tweet RedditShares 21I meant to publish this update the other day but I’ve been a bit distracted. Lizze and I met with Dr. Pattie on… Read more »


We have a very serious decision to make

Pin2 +12 Share Reddit Tweet Share BufferShares 4I heard back from Gavin’s psychiatrist today and we have a very, very difficult decision to make, in regards to Gavin’s current psychotic… Read more »


I’m worried that Gavin’s begun cracking at the seams

The bad news is that I think Gavin’s current emotional state is beginning to takes its toll on him, in a not so good way….