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It looks like he’s going to be diagnosed with #Bipolar disorder

Lizze and I have begun accepting the reality of something we wish we wouldn’t have to. That reality is the likelihood that Elliott will be diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Elliott had some testing done eariler in the week at his physiologist appointment and it came back with a high likelihood of Bipolar disorder. That in …

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Major Update: We saw the psychiatrist today

Many things have happened today but in this entry, I want to focus on what is arguably the most pivotal.  I spoke previously about Gavin having his Lithium dose cut in half, with the potential of being totally removed in the near future. The near future has arrived and we met with Dr. Reynolds this …

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He’s driving me f@#king crazy today

Let me start things off by reminding everyone how much I love my kids.  I’ve got tons of new readers and I just want to be clear on that because of the tone of this post. That said, and with my profession of unconditional love for my children, here’s the deal. They are driving me …

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OMG… He won’t stop talking O_o

I’m so tired and Gavin just won’t stop talking. Look, I’m so grateful that all my kids are verbal and I know how hard it can be when they aren’t because Emmett was nonverbal until he was almost four or five years old. We were told he would never talk, so to at least some …

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Is it Bipolar Disorder? That’s what we have to find out 

After discussing at length, with Dr. Pattie about our concerns that there might be more going on than we are currently aware of with Elliott, a course of action has been decided.   We went through this enormous checklist of what Bipolar Disorder looks like in kids and while he didn’t meet every single item, …

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