Maintaining our marriage while #Autism #Parenting

Managing the amount of stress associated with being an Autism parent is a real challenge. Maintaining a marriage and or outside relationships is just as challenging.  There are days that can prove to be more challenging than others.  My wife and I felt that stress come to a head this afternoon when the kids were visiting my parents. We were looking at the same issue, only from a different perspective, and it got tense.  It's so easy to sorta turn on each other when we are both so incredibly stressed out. It's important that we be cognizant of the fact that stress is playing an influential role in our disagreement.  We never set out to take things out on each other, but the reality is, it sometimes happens. Aside from…


Feeding our marriage

Lizze and I had a nice night. We went and saw the new Spider-Man Homecoming movie, and it was awesome.  I can't remember the last time we spontaneously went to a movie, let alone a super late showing like tonight. It felt good to be able to do that. It's important that Lizze and I get time to feel like a couple.  Things like this help to keep our relationship strong, and our sanity intact. Being Autism parents is really stressful, especially when it comes to maintaining a marriage. It's really important to focus on our relationship, because that helps us to be better parents. 


What life is like 365 days after my wife moved back home

June 5th, 2017 was a milestone day for our family. It has been 365 days since Lizze moved back home, with me and our boys. This move ended our almost two year separation.  You can read earlier posts about what life was like prior to one year ago. I'll try and give some brief background for all those new to our story, before updating on our current status.  Our separation basically resulted from a combination of caregiver burnout, along with both mental, and physical illness. Lizze went through a very difficult period, and we later discovered this was in large part due to caregiver burnout.  Essentially, she ran herself into the ground, caring for our family. Caregiver burnout is very real, and results from someone putting so much into caring…


How our “alone time” went tonight

The boys are at Lizze's parents for the night, and we were able to get out for a little while. Unfortunately, Lizze isn't feeling well because of the weather (it's a Fibromyalgia thing), and as a result, we called it an early night.  We went and saw the first movie I can remember her and I going to, in a long time. She was kind enough to entertain my wanting to see Alien Covenant.  I thought it was really good, but I'm guessing Lizze didn't because she fell asleep before the halfway point. lol In her defense, she was in a lot of pain and as a result, she was exhausted. It was nice simply being able to get out for a little while.  Hopefully, she'll feel better in the…