Maintaining our marriage while #Autism #Parenting

Managing the amount of stress associated with being an Autism parent is a real challenge. Maintaining a marriage and or outside relationships is just as challenging. 

There are days that can prove to be more challenging than others. 

My wife and I felt that stress come to a head this afternoon when the kids were visiting my parents. We were looking at the same issue, only from a different perspective, and it got tense. 

It’s so easy to sorta turn on each other when we are both so incredibly stressed out. It’s important that we be cognizant of the fact that stress is playing an influential role in our disagreement. 

We never set out to take things out on each other, but the reality is, it sometimes happens. Aside from being Autism parents, and husband and wife, we’re also human. 

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Lizze and I have learned, through our many mistakes, that we need to take a step back and try to see things from the others point of view. 

It’s not always easy, but taking each other’s feelings seriously, and working through our disagreements is vital to moving forward. We’ve found a way to vent to each other while treating the other with respect, and finding a way to work through it. ☺ 

Like I’ve said many times, my wife and I learned so much from our almost two-year separation. We’ve both grown individually and together.. ☺