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Gavin had a major diagnosis change today

Gavin and I met with Dr. Reynolds this morning. Lizze wasn’t feeling well and was resting up so she would be better when the kids got home from school. Sometimes we have to divide and conquer.  Today’s appointment was basically supposed to be a followup, because we had discontinued the Lithium last month. Dr. Reynolds …

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I’m in a relationship with depression and it f@cking sucks

If you’re new to the neighborhood, you might be interested to know that I like to speak very openly about mental health. I’m a firm believer in the there’s nothing to be ashamed of approach.  Over the years I’ve spoken very candidly about our Autism journey and every other thing that we’ve found in our …

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Loving someone with mental health issues isn’t easy but totally worth the effort

Today’s been hit or miss. The boys are doing pretty good this afternoon and that’s certainly a welcomed change. Gavin seems to be struggling more at the moment. He almost seems a bit manic because the incessant talking and almost zero impulse control are usually tell tale signs. His thought processes are more scattered than …

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