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A massive update on our trip to the immunologist yesterday

Buffer7 Tweet6 Pin3 Share2 Share2 +11 RedditShares 21After running around all morning and then hanging out with Gavin for a little bit, I figured I’d get everyone caught up on… Read more »


A massive and important update on the current state of Gavin’s mental health care

Pin5 Share1 Share Reddit Tweet +1 BufferShares 6Disclaimer: I’m venting/ranting about the current debacle that is Gavin’s mental healthcare. I’m really frustrated, angry and overwhelmed by all of this because… Read more »


Major update and follow up to Tuesday’s IEP meeting

Here’s a major update and follow up to Tuesday’s IEP meeting. This explains what we figured out and how we will proceed going forward. I also share my thought process behind my decisions..