A massive update on our trip to the immunologist yesterday

After running around all morning and then hanging out with Gavin for a little bit, I figured I’d get everyone caught up on what happened at the boy’s appointments yesterday.  

The boys were scheduled to see their immunologist/allergist yesterday. She’s way up north, quite close to Lake Erie actually. 

We followed her when she moved from Akron Children’s Hospital because of how complex Gavin is and she was his primary for a couple of his disorders. 

Anyway, Gavin was there to have a followup on his immunodeficiency, asthma and allergies.… Read More

A massive and important update on the current state of Gavin’s mental health care

Disclaimer: I’m venting/ranting about the current debacle that is Gavin’s mental healthcare. I’m really frustrated, angry and overwhelmed by all of this because there’s so much at stake. When you read this, keep in mind that I’m experiencing all these emotions and this is my way of sharing our story but also processing all this as well. 

I heard back from the nurse at Gavin’s psychiatrist’s office this afternoon and we had respectful but totally unproductive conversation.… Read More

Major update and follow up to Tuesday’s IEP meeting

I’m going to make this quick because I’m really tired but I promised I’d post this, so here it goes..

I already shared my take away from Tuesday’s IEP meeting so if you missed that, look here.


Basically, we are not going to abolish Elliott’s homework as I was so determined to initially and here’s why. 

Upon everyone sitting down and looking at the whole picture, current grades and the quality of work he’s churning out at school, there’s no question as to whether or not he’s physically capable of doing the work. 

There’s a plethora of reasons that he’s been struggling with homework at home, most of them emotional in nature.… Read More