It’s frustrating and heartbreaking to see Gavin go through this

Gavin’s been doing amazingly well in a great many areas of his life and is struggling in some other ones.  Behaviorally speaking, he’s doing really well and the relationship he now has with his Mom is awesome, for both of them. 

The story of Gavin has become one that is overwhelmingly positive but like I said, there are still some struggles.… Read More

A major update about my overall physical and emotional health (part 2)

If you missed the first update on my physical health, you can read that HERE..

My war on Depression…

I mentioned in the previous post, that some changes are being made to my treatment plan and I wanted to explain because I feel it’s really important that we speak openly about things like Depression, as there’s nothing to be ashamed of.… Read More

My name is Rob Gorski and this is how #depression impacts my life

As far as depression and managing depression goes, I’m far from being a noob. I’ve been waging this war since my late teens. I know exactly when and where it started.  It sprang forth from trauma and it’s never really left my side since then..… Read More

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