It’s not been a good day in our neighborhood 

The boys are spending the day with their Grandparents. It’s not been a good day in our neighborhood and I’m glad the kids are able to get away and enjoy the weather in a safe place. 

I’m reminded of just how badly we need to move but can’t… 😕

It’s frustrating and one of those things that always sits …

More neighborhood drama because why the hell not

I meant to share this the other night but I just didn’t get a chance.  

I’m pretty sure this was a drug bust on a known drug house. I can’t say that for certain because I didn’t talk to the police parked right behind my house, blocking off the alley. 

The house in question is widely known to be dealing …

This is the crazy shit that happens in my neighborhood all the time

After dinner last night, I took the family to get Frosties at Wendy’s. The boys had coupons for free Frosties that they earned at school and it just seemed like a nice end to the day.

On the way home, I had to stop the car as I was turning onto our street because there was a huge street …

Nothing like waking up to a domestic dispute

My bedroom is on the second floor and there’s a balcony that goes right out from my room. 

On nights when the weather is nice, I love sleeping with the balcony door open because the breeze feels good through the screen door. 

The downside of course, is that I hear everything that transpires outside. 


At roughly 2am last night, I woke …

First it was just one random shooting yesterday but today it’s much worse

I shared earlier about the shooting that took place shortly before dinner last night.  I spoke with one of my neighbors today and apparently it got much worse last night. 

There was a second shooting last night around 11:30 PM at the now infamous yellow house across the street from me.  To make this game worse, there was a third …

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