It’s not been a good day in our neighborhood 

The boys are spending the day with their Grandparents. It’s not been a good day in our neighborhood and I’m glad the kids are able to get away and enjoy the weather in a safe place. 

I’m reminded of just how badly we need to move but can’t… 😕

It’s frustrating and one of those things that always sits in the back of my mind.… Read More

Nothing like waking up to a domestic dispute

My bedroom is on the second floor and there’s a balcony that goes right out from my room. 

On nights when the weather is nice, I love sleeping with the balcony door open because the breeze feels good through the screen door. 

The downside of course, is that I hear everything that transpires outside. 


At roughly 2am last night, I woke to the sound of a man and a woman fighting.  They were actually in their house, maybe a hundred yards  away, on the other side of several vacant lots. 

They were so loud it sounded like we were all in the same room. 

I could make out every vulgar and vile thing they said to each other. 

It lasted about 45 minutes before they at least quieted down enough that I could fall back asleep. 

Have I mentioned how much I hate my neighborhood?… Read More

First it was just one random shooting yesterday but today it’s much worse

I shared earlier about the shooting that took place shortly before dinner last night.  I spoke with one of my neighbors today and apparently it got much worse last night. 

There was a second shooting last night around 11:30 PM at the now infamous yellow house across the street from me.  To make this game worse, there was a third shooting about 1:30am at the same location. 

The cops were out at each incident and at some point turning one of the two shootings, someone was arrested. 

My understanding is that they weren’t sure if the it was yellow house or the one right behind it.  It’s not like one is any better than the other. 

That’s all I know at this point.… Read More

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