We were approached by a US Marshall this morning

I got the boys ready for school and we were walking out to the car when a large man, armed and wearing body armor, approached me. He was a US Marshall and his task force was trying to serve a warrant for one of my neighbors. There were a couple other officers trying to get my neighbor to come to the door but they weren't answering. The Marshall showed me a picture of who they were looking for and I've both seen and spoken to this person before. Always seemed really nice and maybe a little developmentally delayed. That part was pretty obvious. Anyway, this guy had been living in my neighbors house for awhile but I haven't seen him recently. I have no idea what he was wanted for…


My kids are terrified to live here and it’s getting worse

This morning I noticed some cars sorta casing our neighborhood. This always makes me nervous because there have been so many shootings around here and we were involved in one of them. Upon closer observation, they were unmarked cars but had city plates. I was thinking it was code enforcement as they are cracking down on dilapidated properties. I was a bit nervous because they had parked outside my house and were just sitting there. Lizze had just arrived home from an early morning appointment, and as she walked into the house, several other unmarked cars arrived and a bunch of law enforcement officers, including what appeared to be a US Marshall, surrounded the house across the street from us. Several of them stacked up at the front door and…


We had a break-in last night

I was getting ready to load the car up and take the exhaust to get repaired this morning when I notice that someone had broken into our car...again. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time it's happened and I doubt it will be the last. You'd think the obvious security cameras would make people think twice but apparently not. I'm pulling video this morning but it might not have picked anything up. Thankfully, there wasn't any significant damage but they absolutely trashed the car. I'm not sure how they got in because I had locked the doors yesterday afternoon and hadn't been back in the car until this morning. Not only did they trash the car but they left things in the car that weren't in there to start with. Whoever…


Woke to gunshots

I managed to fall asleep last night but awoke to gunshots outside. Assuming I woke up after the first shot, there was a a series of roughly ten or eleven that followed. I'm not sure how close they were to our house but they sounded too close for comfort. Thankfully, I was the only one who woke up. Sleeping after the gunshots wasn't easy because I kept thinking about how we need to move away from all this nonsense. 🙁


It sounds like a war zone outside our house

As I figured, there would be no sleep happening tonight. Where we live, people begin celebrating the fourth of July early, and carry on doing so a day or two beyond the fourth.  It sounds like war zone at night, and into the wee hours of the morning.  I wouldn't care so much if they did this during the day but when this goes on all night, it's excessive. I suspect the reason it's done at night is because the explosives they're lighting off, are very illegal in Ohio.  Anyway, with loud explosions going off all around us, there's no way the boys can fall asleep.  It's currently 3:45 am and I just got Emmett to fall asleep. The poor kid was so tired and overstimulated from all the noise,…


So this happened last night and it was scary

Last night while I was trying to get Elliott to sleep, we were startled by flashing lights and people screaming. It was roughly 3 am and I hopped up to see what it was.  All I could see from the first floor was flashlights, maybe thirty feet from my window.  Elliott and I went upstairs, not only for safety reasons but so I could figure out what was happening and if we were in any danger. You may recall that we've had some crazy shit happen within a few feet of my house. If you don't remember, I'll list the big ones.  Hostage crisis, complete with snipers camped out across the street and us being evacuated from our house late at night We were involved in a drive by shooting…


It’s not been a good day in our neighborhood 

The boys are spending the day with their Grandparents. It's not been a good day in our neighborhood and I'm glad the kids are able to get away and enjoy the weather in a safe place.  I'm reminded of just how badly we need to move but can't... 😕 It's frustrating and one of those things that always sits in the back of my mind. Days like today allow it to bubble to the surface... 


More neighborhood drama because why the hell not

I meant to share this the other night but I just didn't get a chance.   I'm pretty sure this was a drug bust on a known drug house. I can't say that for certain because I didn't talk to the police parked right behind my house, blocking off the alley.  The house in question is widely known to be dealing but have never really been much of a problem, aside from the occasional domestic dispute.  Either way, the cops were marching in and out of the house for quite some time. The entire alley was blocked of as well.   I took this picture from my back steps. I'm really grateful for my home and the effort I put into keeping it is a testament to that. At the…