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Weighing in: Better late than never

Weighing in is something I try to remember to do each week but clearly not always on a Wednesday. It simply involves standing on the scale and checking my weight loss progress. The whole point is to both hold myself accountable, while hopefully encouraging others to take better care of themselves. As you can see …

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I remain totally committed

It’s a really hot say here in the Hall of Fame City. There was loose talk yesterday of canceling school because there’s no a/c and the school essentially transforms into a giant kiln. Apparently, they opted not to cancel class and we sent the kids with extra water. I wasn’t able to go walking until …

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I’m going to practice some self-care and you should as well

I’ve been really stressed out lately and the last few times I went walking, I had the kids with me. Walking with the kids is not the same as walking without the kids. I need the time to myself in order to decompress and deal with my stress. I’m leaving to go walking in a …

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One way I practice Self-Care

The boys got off to school on a good foot and thankfully, Elliott is feeling better also. Aside from being exhausted, things went well. I took the boys to school and on the way home, I summoned up enough energy to hit the track. I didn’t set any records but I showed up and walked. …

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