I hit a MAJOR weight loss milestone

I've got some news that I think is pretty goddamn amazing and I'm incredibly proud of myself. 2018 has been a year of accomplishing goals. These goals are more personal in nature and basically were that I wanted to bring my weight loss journey to a major milestone, as well as return to the dentist after a lengthy break. Coming into 2018, my weight hit an all-time high of 340+ lbs and I knew I needed to make a change. My ultimate goal was to bring my weight under 300 lbs before the end of the year and I worked as hard as I could to make that happen. Until the weather turned frigid, I walked an average of 81 miles a month at the track and that was quite…


Weighing in: Better late than never

Weighing in is something I try to remember to do each week but clearly not always on a Wednesday. It simply involves standing on the scale and checking my weight loss progress. The whole point is to both hold myself accountable, while hopefully encouraging others to take better care of themselves. As you can see in the above image, I've been managing to steadily lose weight for a large portion of 2018. As of yesterday, I'm continuing my trend of weighing less than I have in almost two years now. I've been using the Nokia Body Cardio Smart Scale for about a year, courtesy of Nokia Health. ☺ I haven't weighed under 300 lbs since I first crossed that threshold during the summer of 2014. At my worst, I hit…


3 reasons I’m feeling incredibly blessed today

It's no secret that my life is hard. It just is. It's no secret that I struggle at times. I just do. It's no secret that if it weren't for bad luck sometimes, we wouldnt have any luck at all. It's how I feel. Having said that, there are times where I feel extremely lucky or even blessed and today is one of those times. There are currently three reasons why I'm feeling so blessed right now..and here they are. Work Money's really tight since some recent changes to my income occurred. When I mean tight, I mean I can have less than $10 to my name at times. I'm not proud of that but it is what it is and I know I'm doing the best I can. I…


It’s worth swallowing my pride

I weighed myself today and I'm down two pounds. It's important to understand that whole this is a good thing, I actually gained over the holidays. I actually hit 333 lbs over Christmas. I'm not entirely sure what happened but part of that was poor choices and the minor surgery I had in my back right before the holidays. Anyway, I've been watching what I eat, when I eat it and I'm trying to be more active. As a result, I'm once again moving in the right direction and I feel good. I'm fucking sore from working out but I feel good. The one thing I'm really trying to focus on has to do with eating late at night. It's usually stress related and hard to resist but I'm really…


Weigh-in Wednesday: 9/20/2017 #healthiertogether

Okay, I'm really trying my best to keep making progress on this weight-loss journey. Stress is one of my biggest enemies when it comes to dieting and I'm not always doing as good of a job as I could be. With that said, while I've been met with temporary setbacks, I've also reaped some rewards for my efforts. I actually did okay today. I had pizza for dinner but was under my calorie count for the day, and I drank 128 ounces of water. I was about 40 ounces short of my goal but this is still major progress, especially considering that I wasn't drinking even a fraction of that amount until recently. Hydration is extremely important and I can feel a difference when I'm taking in enough water each…


Weigh-in Wednesday and a few other things

I had a rough time sleeping last night. I think I have too much on my mind lately, plus Emmett woke up after a really bad dream. All things considered, I'm feeling pretty good. The boys got off to school in good form and on time. Unfortunately, I haven't accomplished much today because I'm so tired but I'm feeling good and eating well. I think we are having a movie marathon tonight with the Transformers movies, ending with The Last Knight. The boys are pretty excited about this and frankly, so am I. On an unrelated note, readers have been trying to hold me accountable by reminding me about Weigh-in Wednesday's. I'm sorry that I didn't get around to it. Part of the problem was that I weighed myself wrong.…


Fit4Autism: Weigh-in Wednesday 9.6.17

Weight-loss is a very personal thing and sharing one's weight, especially when one is overweight, isn't easy. I feel as though I have a responsibility to my readers, and as such, I'm choosing to do weigh-in Wednesday's. Preaching about the importance of taking care of ourselves falls flat if I don't lead by example. If that means sharing some personal information that is frankly, embarrassing than so be it. My hope is that I can inspire other Autism parents to work on their own health and wellness.


I’m not giving up

I'm hoping that we will be able to get this short week off all on the right foot. The boys are returning to school after the holiday and that will help everyone get back into their routines. My goal is to squeeze in about four miles while Lizze is at the doctors. Actually, I'm hoping to do this every morning for the rest of the week. I'm going to attempt a return to weigh-in Wednesday. I'll weigh myself every Wednesday and share my progress or pitfalls. This is probably the best way to help keep me honest. I'm not giving up. Something else I'm thinking about is relaunching Fit4Autism, and help motivate other parents like myself, to take better care of themselves, so they can take better care of their…