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I totally feeling like I’m going to own today

It’s been an oddly productive morning. While I didn’t sleep well, I was up before 8 AM and out the door to get my walk in extra early. I avoid being in the direct sun during the hours of 10 AM to 4 PM, as we all should, at least… Read more »

Do you have a #selfcare buddy?

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Lizze took the boys to school and let me sleep in this morning. She’s pretty awesome. Actually, she’s pretty and awesome. 😉 Anyway, she had an appointment this morning, and when she got back, I was able to go for my walk. I don’t usually like walking between the hours… Read more »

I try to never take breaks for granted

It was a pretty quiet evening. The kids were at their grandparents, and I’m writing this after sleeping in till 10:30 AM. That felt really good, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity. Lizze and I went for a short walk last night before picking up dinner and settling into… Read more »

I’m focusing on #selfcare and seeing my doctor this morning

As part of my focus on selfcare, I’m seeing my doctor this morning. For a long time, I avoided the doctor because I wasn’t making myself a priority. I reached a point that by the time I realized I needed to go back, I was too afraid of what I… Read more »

If that’s not how you roll then do it for your kids

There’s zero part of me that wants to do anything positive for myself today. I’m feeling depressed and exhausted but if I give up control to those feelings, it becomes a very slippery slope and I’ll be more inclined to do it again. Selfcare is absolutely vital, especially when it’s… Read more »

Here’s what happened today

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It’s been a really, really long day but I think I’m finally done. Here’s a couple notable things about our trip. Emmett’s appointment went fine. Akron Children’s Hospital never disappoints. We truly are lucky to live in proximity. The exam itself only took a few minutes and his old prescription… Read more »

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