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Being a single Dad is not easy but we made some serious progress today

I know it’s Monday and Mondays usually suck but I want to focus on some pretty amazing progress being made by one, Mr. Gavin. I’m so thankful to have my kids in my life every single day. Many single Dad’s don’t have that and I know how lucky I am. At the same time, it …

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I’m focusing on #selfcare and seeing my doctor this morning

As part of my focus on selfcare, I’m seeing my doctor this morning. For a long time, I avoided the doctor because I wasn’t making myself a priority. I reached a point that by the time I realized I needed to go back, I was too afraid of what I might learn. When I did …

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I hit a MAJOR weight loss milestone

I’ve got some news that I think is pretty goddamn amazing and I’m incredibly proud of myself. 2018 has been a year of accomplishing goals. These goals are more personal in nature and basically were that I wanted to bring my weight loss journey to a major milestone, as well as return to the dentist …

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I made more weight loss progress today

For the past few days, it’s been raining here in Northeast Ohio. The old me would have used that as an excuse to stay home and not go walking. The new me still wasn’t excited about the idea of walking in the rain but I did anyway. This morning it was in the 50’s (°F) …

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Weighing in: Better late than never

Weighing in is something I try to remember to do each week but clearly not always on a Wednesday. It simply involves standing on the scale and checking my weight loss progress. The whole point is to both hold myself accountable, while hopefully encouraging others to take better care of themselves. As you can see …

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3 reasons I’m feeling incredibly blessed today

It’s no secret that my life is hard. It just is. It’s no secret that I struggle at times. I just do. It’s no secret that if it weren’t for bad luck sometimes, we wouldnt have any luck at all. It’s how I feel. Having said that, there are times where I feel extremely lucky …

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