I remain totally committed -

I remain totally committed

It’s a really hot say here in the Hall of Fame City. There was loose talk yesterday of canceling school because there’s no a/c and the school essentially transforms into a giant kiln.

Apparently, they opted not to cancel class and we sent the kids with extra water.

I wasn’t able to go walking until about 10:30 AM because Lizze has a standing appointment every Tuesday morning.

It was definitely hot when I got to the park but not as bad as I had thought it would be. The humidity was only 50% and so it was more of a dry heat. I did just fine and finished up in time for lunch. ☺

I’m really finding myself committed to walking each day and I feel better since I’ve been back at it. Self-care is difficult, especially when you’re a full time caregiver but that makes it all that more critical…

Please keep trying to take better care of yourself.

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