Is it just me or is #Autism parenting synonymous with sleepless nights? 

It was a other night that ended in very little sleep. Mr. Emmett was simply unable to fall asleep and he and I camped out in the living room in an attempt to salvage as much sleep as possible.… Read More

Broken or interrupted sleep sucks

I’m pretty much totally exhausted this morning. There were frequent interruptions throughout the night because the boys had a hit or miss nights worth of sleep. 

The boys are just hanging out quietly, which is awesome. 

I’m hoping for a slow, quiet and uneventful day. 

Someone’s been sleeping in my bed

When Lizze and I went to bed tonight, this is what greeted us. 💙

I knew Emmett was there already because I sang him to sleep, after he tried for almost two hours to go to sleep on his own.… Read More

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