The Lighter Side of #Autism Parenting: Precious Moments

It’s been a really long weekend. The boys and I either are sick or slowly getting over being sick. I’m pretty sure the boys will return to school in the morning. They’re all sleeping right now and that’s a good sign heading into the new week. 

There’s a bunch more to talk about but I wanted to share an …

The Lighter Side of #Autism: Sometimes We All get Along

I’m trying to bring back some of my favorite blogging topics from Lost and Tired because they allow for a more accurate and balanced view into our lives.  

Today I’m bringing back my The Lighter Side of Autism posts. 

In these posts I focus on the parts of Autism parenting that of a lighter, more positive nature. Not everything about …

The Lighter Side of #Autism Parenting: Moments that make it all worth it

As Autism parents, my wife and I have been through many trials. Some trials were more difficult than others but we’ve always made it through. 

People are always asking me how I do it and that’s not always an easy question to answer because there’s no secret formula that I follow or anything like that. 

Ever since I was a …

The Lighter Side of #Autism 

Most of is know that Autism parenting can bring with it many, many challenges. It’s exhausting and frustrating as well. 

That being said, there are also moments of peace and tranquility, where everyone is getting along. 

I can sit back and relax for a minute because in these moments, everyone is happy and at peace. I refer to …

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