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I stepped outside of my comfort zone and spoke my mind because it matters

I’ve said this before and while it may not appear this way on the surface, I’m way too self-conscious to enjoy appearing on TV. That said, I’ve been doing it anyway because some things are more important than my comfort level. I will continue to do so when the opportunity presents itself because I want …

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It’s really important to understand the difference between a tantrum and an #Autism related #meltdown

One of the most misunderstood things about Autism is the meltdown. People commonly conflate meltdowns with tantrums and it’s really important to understand the difference.

All about #selfcare

It’s been a few months since I published a new video on my YouTube channel. What better way to get things back on track then to start off with a video all about self-care.

We seriously need to get caught up and here’s why

Disclaimer: my brain is fried and I’ll proof this in the morning.. It’s been a long couple of days. Friday we had Vivint at the house all day and Thursday we had Spectrum out for the second or third time in the last week. While it was stressful but I think we got everything finally …

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The heartbreaking reason I support and so should you

Sharing our heartbreaking story played a small role in Wishes Can Happen raising $213,946.00 over the 2 day Wish-A-Thon. That’s enough to grant for than 40 wishes over the next year.

Ultimate Ferret Playground for Under $50

My kids talk about the Ultimate Ferret Playground we put together for under $50.00. Ferret’s make amazing pets and my kids with Autism love them tremendously. We went to Home Depot and picked up 50 feet of corrugated pipe for about $20.00. We spent another $20.00 on various connectors so we could connect sections of …

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Talking with a #Schizophrenic Part 2

In Part 2 of Talking with a Schizophrenic, Gavin details his latest mission to save the timeline from his evil self. It’s very important to understand that this is not an issue of an overactive imagination. If you missed Part 1, you can find that here. In Gavin’s mind, these things are actually happening and …

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Talking with a #Schizophrenic Part 1

In this video, I listen to my son with both Autism and Schizophrenia, tell me about a mission he must go on to save the universe. This is typically the nature of his Schizophrenic hallucinations. This is NOT his imagination. This is how Schizophrenia impacts his life. The purpose of this video is to educate, …

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