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A Sneak Peek of a documentary about my #Autism family

Autism is growing exponentially and it seems like we’re always getting new numbers and statistics to demonstrate that growth. The reality is that roughly 50% of those touched by Autism will wander from a place of safety. Sadly, in many cases, these elopements will end in tragedy.


Psychotic Break: Very important information on how Gavin’s doing (video) 

I’m about to share some very important, first hand insight into what it’s like for Gavin to be psychotic. The video is family friendly and was recorded with Gavin’s permission.


You’ve got to see what I caught on tape tonight

I set one of our new cameras from Vivint in his bedroom. This way I could go about my night and still keep an eye on him.


So here’s what I’ve been incessantly doing this morning

This is one of the things that can make Autism Parenting so freaking exhausting… Take a look and see if this same principle applies to anything in your life…….


Why I purposely try to trick my son with #Autism

I know that trying to trick someone is generally considered to be mean or not nice. Trying to trick a child with special needs sounds even worse.


There’s a few things to catch you up on

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Check out how today went. Plus you can watch the videos from the boys Christmas program.. Click below….


Who knew Occupational Therapy could be so much fun?

For now, enjoy 30 seconds of Emmett having an amazing time at occupational therapy today. ☺💜


The Lighter Side of #Autism: Emmett’s “Ferrets in a bathtub” documentary

Emmett has been bugging me to let the ferrets play in the bathtub. You’re not supposed to give ferrets frequent baths but all they are doing here is playing in the water. They love the water. Here’s what happened and you’ll love Emmett’s narrative……