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Autonomic Crisis: MRI Complete (8/29/2013)

We just got back from Gavin’s MRI.  He did fantastic and I’m so proud of him. For MRI took about an hour and he broke down sobbing towards the very end and we had to pull him out for a break before doing one final scan. The staff said he did really, really well.  Now …

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Autonomic Crisis: Update 2pm (08/29/2013)

We are definitely dealing with an Autonomic Crisis.  Gavin just got out of CT, after having a scan to determine if they need contrast for him pending MRI. There are a couple of new things going on that are absolutely indicative of an Autonomic Crisis.  For starters, he’s sweating and that is physiologically impossible unless …

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Autonomic Crisis: Please Pray

Okay…  The doctor has been in and I think we have sufficiently confused him with all of Gavin’s health issues. Gavin’s renting and watching TV while they figure out what to do. This is what happened. My Mom called about 11am this morning and told me that Gavin was having vision  problems. She also said …

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Autonomic Crisis: Stable-ish and home again

After a few hours in the ER at Akron Children’s Hospital, Gavin was stable enough to be released.  We opted to reschedule his IVIG infusion so as not to push our luck.  The reason I say Stable-ish in the title is because he’s as stable as he’s going to be. His heart rate is still …

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Autonomic Crisis: Just in the nick of time

I just arrived to the ER and have gotten settled in and up to speed. My mom picked me and Emmett up and I dropped them off at her house.  On the way, we almost got into a wreck when some dude in a truck came within inches of smashing into us.  Anyway, as I …

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Autonomic Crisis: Selling the Drama

Gavin had bloodwork done about an hour or so ago. At this point, he seems to have stabilized enough to be sent home. We’ll know more when the blood work comes back.  Thus far, things have been interesting.  Gavin was in full on drama queen mode. He was screaming and crying for no reason, other …

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Autonomic Crisis, Hives and Way too much stress

We’re sitting here waiting and I noticed something was wrong with Lizze.  Lizze is so stressed out that she’s broken out in hives.  He entire face and neck are covered. We are getting her some benadryl and hoping for the best.  This is all too much for her. 

Autonomic Crisis: Waiting to be seen at @AkronChildrens Hospital

We have actually been for awhile now and are still waiting to go back.  It appears that they are pretty busy at the moment.  We have to wait for a room with a monitor. Gavin‘s slowly become more stable as time goes on.  Hopefully we’ll get back there and we can figure out what’s going …

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